The day we went Gromit hunting

A couple of weeks ago we went to Bristol for a family party.
We had such a nice time exploring the city and the kids loved it too because there was a
Gromit trail. Eighty different Gromits were spread out over the city so on Sunday morning we went Gromit hunting, you should have heard their excited voices every time we spotted a new one.
I have to say they were all amazing and so beautifully decorated, I would find it really hard to pick a favourite. We didn't find them all of course, we weren't there for long enough...too bad because this has been one of the only times where I can say the kids were happy to walk city streets.
Here are just a few photo's, unfortunately we didn't take our good camera so we had to use our phone, loads of them came out blurry (typical!) but these few are OK enough I guess.
So which is your favourite?



Stephanie said...

Haha this is so cute, love all the gromits you guys found ;) x

Sarah Shumate said...

Oh this is super cute! I remember Wallace and Gromit from when I was younger. I don't think I discovered it until I was in high school, but we still watched it anyway due to a close friend really loving stop motion animation! Very cute.