Monday already?

I can not believe it's Monday already. Seriously, this weekend has just flown by.
Saturday started out really lazy, I think we didn't get dressed until about eleven.
The kids were meant to do their homework but then Dylan remembered he had a scouts party to go to in the afternoon so we spent a couple of hours dashing around like mad people to get everything sorted and get him a tombola prize. The scouts party was CRAZY! About seventy boys running around having the times of their lives, jumping on the bouncy castle and playing all sorts of games, all I can say was loud! We ended up being lucky in the tombola, three times, yay! There were some really nice prizes, chocolates, bottles of wine, nice bath naturally I was excited.  I let the kids go up and choose the prizes and here's what they picked,  a giant teddy, a cats toy and some toilet refresher. Aren't they amazing at picking out prizes!! Next time I'll go and choose myself I think.
Toilet refresher, seriously!!!!
Sunday started out French style with croissants and hot chocolate, continued on Greek style with a Greek salad for lunch and ended British style with a roast.
My favourite bit of the weekend was when Emily got a surprise packet from my aunty in the mail, some brand new ladybird earrings. she was beyond excited with these.

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Sunday sounded like a yummy day :)

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