My amazing, crazy and talented friends

and happy Tuesday to you all!
For some reason I feel like throwing confetti...
Maybe I'm just in a festive mood today.
Could be because I'm excited for tomorrow.
You see, I'm going up to London to have my finger prints taken
and after that I'm meeting up with my friend.
YAY! Woop woop, party time.
Finger prints? I can just hear you think this...why?
Well you see...
I'm a criminal.
Nahhhh, not really! Hahaha.
I'm a Belgian girl living in England remember and my passport
expires soon and they brought out this new thing where all
passports have to have fingerprints on them.
So off the the Belgian Embassy in London I go.
Sure glad I only live a 30 minute train ride away.
I can't believe I'm meeting up with one of my friends though,
and this after they posted a video( on Facebook might I add),
saying they don't need me anymore as they found a replacement for me...
Aren't they lovely!
You know what else is lovely...
this website one of my other friends has.
She's a graphic designer and has recently set up her own
company called Bespoke
You should really check it out, her artwork is AMAZINGGGGG!

I adore the camper vans and think they would look brilliant on a canvas
in a kids room. Did you know you could have your favourite print (or a custom made
one) printed on canvas, t-shirts, postcards, note cards and so on.
I'm thinking these might make excellent Christmas gifts or stocking fillers!
You'll have to let me know your favourite!
Please do go and have a look and why not LIKE her Facebook page as well.
Go on, you know you want to!
Besides...I might hold a give away of one of her prints later this week,
you do not want to miss this!!!
So while you are off checking out her amazing work I'll say bye!
Have a fantastic Tuesday my lovelies
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Five thoughts and five finds.

I am using my crock pot for the very first time today.
At the moment I'm cooking a delicious beef stew, I'm so very
excited and can't wait for dinner tonight.
Expect to see loads of recipes in the future.
I have a feeling Christmas will be here and gone before we get to
enjoy it. I must admit I got really excited walking down isles in the
supermarket and seeing all the chocolate coated ginger bread stars and
other goodies but it's still so early in the season.
I bought the first stocking fillers today.
It's all the shop's fault, they shouldn't be selling these things already!
But I wanted to get those chocolates before they sold out, so yes.
I love cushions. My husband doesn't get it.
I have some new pretties in mind to adorn my sofas.
Yay for pretty cushions right!
I walked passed the school earlier and saw Dylan play football
with his friends. I actually stopped to watch him and it made
me so happy to see he was having so much fun.
Just made me want to go up and give him a cuddle.
Want to know what I've been drooling over this week?
Just check these out.
I love these decorated pumpkins, such a great idea.
I feel a project coming on.
Crock pot apple butter! Oh yes, I am SO making this!
How cute is this! I I had a baby girl I would definitely buy
this, it's just adorable.
Love this watch so much.
Wish my birthday wasn't so far away, this would make the perfect present.
Not just one but TEN ideas for pretty cushions...
and they have ruffles, and bows...oh heaven.
Think I might invest in some pretty fabrics soon.
Hope you like my selection this week.
Go and have yourself a wonderful Thursday OK.


Lost and found.

Jeans, cardigan:Next, top:Primark, belt:Forever21, necklace:Wonton Mommy
I had a completely different outfit planned for today.
Red and blue.
Then this morning I was rummaging through my collection
of necklaces and happened upon one I hadn't worn in a while.
All of a sudden I knew I had to wear it today.
So the red cardigan I had planned went and the mustard one was brought in.
I love when things like this happen.
You see,
I hadn't forgotten about this necklace, I had put it in a
little bag to protect it and over the months it had worked itself
to the back of the drawer.
Finding it again was like being reunited with an old friend.
So glad I came across it again.
Have a great Wednesday!


Ten things to do this month

Hello hello, here we are again!
Not only has Monday flown by, so has September.
I love October.
I love a dry October even more.
At the moment it's nothing but rain.
I have good hopes all this rain will pass soon and we'll have
some golden sunshine soon.
And with that here are ten things I would like to do this month
Go to the apple festival at the nearby farm, buy some yummy scrummy
apples and make a delicious apple pie.
image image
Go for a long walk on a crisp day and come home to a bowl
of warm homemade soup and crusty bread.
Wear some cosy jumpers and pretty scarves.
I would also love to find some cute hats for the kids.
Go for a walk in the woods and collect coloured leaves and chestnuts with
the kiddies. When we get home they can use the leaves in
some craft activities while I roast the chestnuts. Yummy.
image image image
Organise the wardrobes, donate some unused toys,
declutter the kitchen cupboards and decorate the house for fall.
Go and visit the pumpkin patch, pick out some pumpkins
and carve them. I've got some great ideas for this year's pumpkins.
Have a movie night with the kids where we indulge
in some spooky snacks and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Buy the first sparklers of the year and go outside
with the kids to burn them.
They love these.
the kiddies with their sparklers last year.
Make some delicious soups. I'm thinking pumpkin and red pepper soup
or roast butternut squash soup will definitely be on the menu
at some point this month.
Find some amazing costumes and take the kids trick or treating.
Have a wicked Halloween.
So there you go, have you got a list with things you want to do this month?
I'd love to know.
Have a great Tuesday.
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I was browsing through some old photo's and video's this morning when
I came across this one of Emily.
She was at that age where she used to say "cheese" whenever we
had the camera in our hands.
In this video she wasn't quite sure what to do...
have a tantrum OR say cheese?
Both together?
It's just hilarious.
Thought I'd share that with you, we can all use
a laugh on a Monday I say.