Have you ever stroked a tiger?

No, neither have I, it's just a sign.
But I've been peed on by a tiger, I really have...not that you needed to know this.
It was at the very same zoo a few years back.
The tiger was pacing up and down by his fence and I walked up and down next to him, at one point
he turned his bottom toward me and lifted his tail...
I had a second to jump away
but he still got me all over my jacket sleeve!
That was a jacket I never wore again.
Anyway, this weekend we took the kids to the zoo.
We went on an African safari, great fun.
That's the truck we drove around in.
Half of the zoo has got African animals roaming around "free" in a giant habitat.
Nothing too dangerous, lions and tigers were kept somewhere else.
Going through the gates felt very "Jurassic park" to me.
We were lucky enough to see all these beauties
The giraffes however stayed away from the truck but we did catch
a glimpse of them in the distance
Once we got off we saw Emily's favourites
the meerkats.
These little guys are sooooo cute.

After we cooed over them for like half an hour Emily went into the gift shop and
bought her own toy meerkat with some of her money.
She called him "Meerkatey" and carried him around all day.

Next up we went down the primate path.
We got there at just the right time to see to gorilla's being fed.
There was even a little baby gorilla, so cute.

whoops, wrong photo!
This is better ;)
See the baby climbing on it's mothers back.
She's only five months old, such a cutie.
We were even lucky enough to hold hands with one
This was so cool! The gorilla was hanging upside down but he kept his hand on the glass
the whole time. Perfect photo opportunity!
Some more monkey friends. Quite glad they were kept at a safe distance...see the teeth on
that one!
Wouldn't like to get my hand stuck in that mouth.
Before we left we visited the beautiful gardens.
Dylan wanted to climb walls, Emily wanted to dance.
We even had a moment of sibling "love" over sitting on a mushroom
And last but not least we did this
strike a pose!
Yep, we had a good day and are planning to go back soon
to see the other side of the zoo where they keep the lions and tigers and bears...oh my.


Crafts, waterfun and white legs

How great are these sunny days we are having, I'm loving it.
Let me show you what we get up to on a day like that.
In the morning I keep my two munchkins entertained with some crafts.
Gives me the chance to quickly tidy the house while they create.
And I say quickly because they don't give me much time.
You know with getting new water for the paint, squirting more glue in the pot,
opening paint pots, cutting out cardboard shapes and looking at what they are doing.
"mummy look at this" is the most heard sentence in our house between ten and midday!
Dylan started this panda but couldn't quite get the hang of the scraping so now I can continue.
It's fun.
Yesterday the kids made paper plate faces

Emily also made a trinket box earlier this week, she's planning on keeping all her summer holiday
memories in there.

We've been spending our afternoons at the park, it's soooooo lovely out there.
The big trees provide loads of shade and the kids just love
playing in the water.
They also love splashing me, especially Dylan!

There is something about this boy and water
if there is water Dylan NEEDS to be in it

He went in up to his waist, no spare clothes (silly me, I should
ALWAYS carry spare clothes with me!)
Emily however was more interested in my necklace than the water for once
who can blame her!
It is a nice necklace.

It took a while but I did get it back, phew!

So, now that I have blinded you with my WHITE legs
I think it's only fair to round up this post.
Cheerio my friends!




Summer has finally arrived, yay!
Yesterday we took the kids to the park and what better thing to do to cool down than
to splash in the streams!
They had so much fun.

We'll definitely be returning to this park SOON.

My favourite photo of the day?
This one

Hahaha, I didn't.....just in case you were wondering!

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I plan to have a great summer!

Today is the last day of school here in England.
When they go back in September I'll have a child in year 4 and one in year 1.
Eeeek,why do they have to grow up so fast!
Until then though we have six weeks of summer holidays.
Six weeks.
I don't know if I am excited or scared.
You see last summer I had all my friends nearby and we all met up
about every other day so our kiddies could play and we had a fantastic summer.
This year we moved and my friends are a bit too far away to do
those meet ups.
I haven't really met any any other mums yet.
Making new friends is HARD.
Nevertheless I do want to have a good summer and not hear
 "what can we do, I'm booooooored" every five minutes.

I would love to do something arty crafty and have fun each day
 so for the past couple of days I've been
looking for some good ideas of what we can make / do.
Last year we made masks

This is something we are definitely doing again this year, They not only loved decorating
their masks but they also had some good imaginative play after.

Another hit last year was making puffy paint pictures
We'll make some more of these masterpieces this summer.

A few other things I want to do with them this summer are

Make paper plate sun catchers
Make ice cream cloud dough
Do some scratch art
Make salt dough necklaces
Make some kites
Do some egg carton painting
Make salty watercolour paintings
Make kool aid play dough
Make home made bubbles
Paint with water
Paint rocks
Make cress head people
Make collages
Decorate water bottles
Make cardboard houses for the Lego people / little ponies
Make summer journals and write in them every day
Make jewellery
Make and decorate a trinket box

Make waffles
Make and decorate cupcakes
Make home made ice cream and ice lollies
Bake cookies
Make loads of smoothies
Make lemonade
Bake a cake and have a party for no reason
Make a summer play list and play the songs every day
Learn a dance routine to a favourite song

Go on a nature scavenger hunt
Go Geocaching

Go for picnics
Go to the zoo
Go on an ABC photo walk
Let the kids play in a stream

Go fossil hunting
Go to the play park
Have water balloon fights
Go to the beach
Make sandcastles

And if mother nature decides to give us some sun
Have the pool up in the garden!

Phew, looks like we ARE going to be busy.
Well I am ready for it.
Bring it on!

Have a great summer my friends!.

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Who's a winner?

Hello my lovelies, I am so glad to be back after being sick for a couple of days.
I hope you all had a good weekend.
Ours was wet.
The British summer is not going so well this year, I think the sun
has truly forgotten us.
Anyway, want to know what we got up to on Saturday?
Good, because I'm ready to tell you all about it.
It was just an ordinary day and nothing special happened.

We all woke up relatively early, kids are still in that stage
where a sleep in means getting up at five minutes past seven instead of
seven on the dot.
Made breakfast. I had mini croissants and pain au chocolats in the freezer
so I quickly baked them in the oven for a continental breakfast.
Emily decided she wanted coco pops instead.

Kids were excited because the school fair was on so they ran up to get dressed as soon as breakfast was finished.

Redressed they kids. Dylan came down wearing trousers that got way too short
and Emily decided to clash her colours. I am not that strict on what they wear but I don't
want them to look like little clowns.

It was too early for the school fair so the kids decided to watch a cartoon

Emily spilled orange juice all over her top so I send her up to change clothes AGAIN
Found Emily in her room doing her hair and she asked if she could do mine.
I let her. We look nice, I know!

Got her another top ready and had a shower

Did the dishes.

Asked Simon to quickly do the hoovering

Watched Simon do the hoovering.

Got ready to go out to the school fair, noticed Dylan's sandals are now too small too.
Has this kid grown overnight??

Got the kids scooters out of the garage and started walking

Walked back because it started raining and we needed an umbrella

Kids still wanted to scoot to school so off we went

Walked around the school fair and spend too much money on needless things
and tombola tickets.
Won a necklace in the tombola, yay!

Walked back home in the rain

Simon decided to treat the kids to Mc Donalds for lunch. Kiddies were
very happy with that decision.

Ate Mc Donalds and went back home

Decided we should buy Dylan some new clothes as he's turning into a
little giant

Drove to Canterbury (in the pouring rain)

Too rainy to walk around town so decided to stop in The Range instead.
Looked at all the craft stuff and made some mental notes. Also found some great ideas for
summer holiday projects with the kids.
Nearly bought some new curtains.

Went to Matalan to buy Dylan some new clothes and shoes

Went straight to the Woman's shoe isle
Let out a squeal when I saw these

Tried them on and put them in the basket
Found Simon and the kids in the kiddies shoe isle.
Helped the kids try on some new shoes
Decided on a pair and went to look for jeans for Dylan
Ignored all the "oh can I have this?" pleas from the kids
Ended up buying more than what we came for, including new towels and a bucket!
Went home, it was still raining
The whole drive home we discussed what we were going to have for
dinner. We settled on pasta bolognaise.
Stopped at the supermarket and changed our minds to have
pasta pesto chicken instead.
Hubby quickly ran in to buy the ingredients while me and the kiddies stayed
in the car. We turned the radio up and sang along as loud as we could to Bruno
Mars's "Today I don't feel like doing anything".
Came home and Simon made dinner.
Kids and me decided on what movie to watch.
started watching Jumanji.
Had delicious dinner while watching Jumanji.
Continued watching Jumanji with Emily on my lap because she's scared of the hunter.
Finished the movie and send the kids up for bath time

They had a quick shower and put their pyjama's on

Tucked the kids in bed and read them a bedtime story.
Sang songs to the kids.
Came down and found Simon had done the dishes (great husband!)
and his dad was visiting.

Kids came down to see who was there, said hello to grandad and went back up
Simon went up to tuck them in again
Watched another movie (Source code), while stuffing myself with
biscuits and crisps.
Felt bloated and went to bed.
There you go, that was our Saturday. Nothing spectacular happened but it was a good day.
Sometimes those days are the best.
Now, remember my giveaway?
Today someone has won these

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Angela, looks like you won these!!!
Congrats girly.
I'll be sending you an email shortly.
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sick sick sick

You know I had some really great posts in mind for this week, I really had,
 but instead my body decided to sabotage all those
ideas I had by feeling crappy.
Headache, painful joints (and I mean painful, even my ankles hurt making
my walk like an 80 year old) and general feverishness.
Not fun at all.

You know what is fun?
Finding your daughter in your room trying out a new updo using every single 
hair clip she can find.

She's kind of obsessed with learning how to do her own hair these days.

I'm off to have one of these

followed by one of these

While I am having a  nap and trying to get back to
my healthy self you can always enter my giveaway and
win yourself a nice pair of earrings.
Good luck if you do.