Miscellany Monday

Hello hello, so glad you could make it to my blog on this
day we call Monday.
You know who didn't know it was Monday today?
My TV.
Yes you read that right, my TV.
The kiddies asked if they could watch a cartoon this morning so being
the nice mommy I am I obliged, turned it on and was greeted by five
presenters shouting out "It'ssssss Friday!!!!"
Erm....not it's NOT!
Ofcourse the kids got all confused and you can imagine their disappointment
when I pointed out they had indeed five schooldays ahead of them and not just one.

Today I'm linking up and doing the miscellany Monday thing,
join me why don't you.

1. My kids are the best, they do such amazing things, One of those amazing things
is emptying out my favorite bubble bath,
 the fuller the bottle the better!
Walking up the stairs I was pleasantly surprised by the soapy scent thinking
they must have washed their little bodies squeeky clean.
Nope, they actually cleaned the bath (squeeky clean) with
Argh, not a drop was left....and the "I didn't do it" sentence
was very popular.

2. I just found out that my spell check isn't working.
This will result in loads of spelling mistakes for which I apologise.
You can point them out to me if you feel the need.

3. The kids had sportsday last week, a day filled with fun activities.
Emily did not like the fact she came 3rd in the running race, so she decided to
cover up the badge that said 3rd (last photo). She refused to move her hands so
eventually the teacher swapped it for a badge that
said "well done".
I can see a competitive streak developping there.

Dylan did fantastic and he enjoyed every minute, which was a lot of minutes
as his sportsday started at ten and didn't end until three!
I had a tired boy at the end of the day.

4. I am eating a chocolate chip biscuit right now,
just thought I'd throw that in.

5. My niece turned TWO last Thursday so we all went out for a meal

Wondering why there are SIX candles on her cake?
Yep, so were we when the waiter brought the cake.

6. I created a Twitter account a few weeks back but I just keep forgetting to
 update the thing! Am I the only one who seems to be
utterly confused about it all??
Maybe I need Twitter lessons.

7. Remember when I did this post about my amazing
Turns out I've always been super at this.
Star quality right there I tell you!

8. I would absolutely love it if you would hit the Follow Me button, it would
make my day! I'm sort of getting excited as this blog has grown fast all of a sudden.
Nearly 100 followers...might have a party when that happens, yay!

Time for me to wrap this up and make myself some lunch.
Thanks for reading
Have a fantabulous week!



Kristin said...

Haha lovely posing. And I love that she covered up her award. That is definitely something I would do!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are too cute :) Game days were my favorite way back when. I couldn't help but laugh how your daughter covered up her award!
Love your fabulous posing skills!
Almost 100 followers? Congrats!

Kimberly said...

Making your day and following you now!

Melissa said...

Your kids are adorable even if they confused bubble bath with soap. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Keep at twitter...for the first month or so I had it, my tweets were nothing but 'I don't know what to do' and 'I don't get twitter'! It makes stalking celebrities A OK :-)

Paula said...

Thats too funny with the bubble bath! You've got some cute kids : )

Alyssa said...

Loving the "Star Quality!" We all have pics like that! :)

Karen said...

So funny! I love the bubble bath story! :)