To try or not to try?

As I was browsing Pinterest this morning I
came across before and after
photo's of a lady who'd done this 30 day shred.
The difference was AMAZING!

It got me thinking that I want to try this...
not sure if I will cope though, it looks

Would love to hear if you have tried this
or know anyone who has.

I will give this a try.

Just maybe.



Apparently we are going to get this this weekend.
Britain is finally braced for cold weather.

So far the winter has been very mild, so I am really
looking forward to some
colder weather, if not

My little munchkins are looking
forward to doing

and this

and of course this

and making some of these

yep, they love snow

so do I

So let's hope some of it is coming our way


80's baby!!

How much fun are 80's parties!!!
One of my friends turned 30 and after much deliberating about what to do, where to go and what theme she decided to go with the 80's, being an 80's baby and all that.
Best decision ever!

My friend (not the birthday girl) decided to dress up as Cyndi Lauper,
don't you just love that wig, hahaha.
I went for a very colourful 80's ensemble,
can't do 80's without a bit of neon pink!

Speaking of neon pink,I even found a lipstick in that shade.
and the eyeshadow.... 
Omg did I have some colours.
A rainbow would have been jealous!
Now, mind the close up photo...

 I warned you!

colourful, no.

The party itself was a hoot!
80's music
crazy dancing
people dressed  up as 80's icons

hahaha, karaoke

I was up on the stage quite a few times

YMCA by the looks of it

either: girls, just wanna have fun, I think we're alone now, don't stop believing
karma chameleon, don't you want me baby,......

you get the idea, I was up there loads
I do not have a great voice
sorry all, but hey, I had fun!

Now for the most random photo of the night...
here we go

Is there even anything normal going on.
Also, you can see my "I love this song so much I could burst" face! Hahaha.

So there you go.
We all had a FANTASTIC time

Now when is the next 80's party!!


Fit Club : 2 pounds, oh yes!!

Today was weighing day and the day couldn't
have started out any better.
I got on the weighing scales with a heavy heart,
not sure what it was going to say...
but hoping it would be good.
And was it?
Oh yes!!
I lost just over 2 pounds this week! Woohoo.
I'm sooo happy with this progress,
honestly I don't think the smile has left
my face all day!

I thank the yummy grapefruits (I think)
I have had half a grapefruit every morning before I ate
anything else.
Half an hour after that I had the rest of
my breakfast, porridge.

I've also been doing sit ups  with the help
of this. Genius!
A friend of mine lended it to me about a year
ago and it's been gathering dust under
my bed ever since...up till last week
that is.

Other than that I haven't changed much.
I kept remembering one of
the photo's I posted last week every time
I felt like having something sweet, and that kept me
on track.

I hope everybody's week has been as good as mine!
Keep it up fellow Fit clubbers :)


Fit club: getting motivated

This week I've been looking for some good motivation.
We all need this sometimes don't we.

To tell you the truth I've been finding this first week
of getting back into a healthy lifestyle quite hard.
I think it's because my body got so used to having all the sugary
food over the Christmas holidays.
I'm constantly craving biscuits, chocolate or crisps.
Not good :(

So this morning I had a look for some inspiring
quotes and pictures and you know what...
I think it's working!

Earlier my mind was wondering....the cookie way.
So I thought of this

It did the trick for me and I had some grapes instead!

Sometimes you just need to visualise where you are heading to.

 Exercise is also VERY important.
Wednesday I am going to Zumba classes.
I LOVE zumba
I just need to start walking a bit more....maybe I can
talk one of my friends into going
for a walk with me a couple of times a week.
I seem to enjoy exercise a lot more
when there's someone else with me.
Call me social, hahaha!

Might have to memorise these...and keep repeating them to myself!

You feeling motivated yet? I know I am.

If not

I'm sure that did the trick, no?!

Lastly just remember this

Have fun and stay motivated my Fit club friends!


Our weekend in a nutshell

                                                  I can't believe how fast the weekend has gone by.
                                                                 We've had a really good time.

On Saturday Emily started a new dance class. She's been asking for a while now if she can go dancing. One of her friends goes on a Saturday so I asked her mum if we could go with them and check it out. She absolutely loved it and the fact her little friend goes made it even better. They learnt a little routine and at the end they performed it for the mums and dads, nothing big, just a few moves, but she did excellent!

Saturday evening she went to the Rainbows masquerade ball. We dressed her up in her princess dress and she wanted to wear her cat mask.
didn't she look pretty!
She was so excited about dressing up for the ball, and of course
she had an amazing time at the party.

While she was at the ball we had Dylan all to ourselves so we asked
him what he wanted to do.
We all played a game on the Wii together. (no surprise there)
Dylan LOVES the Wii!

After the game we had an amazing dinner made by Simon.
Roasted butternut squash with a red onion relish (yummy!),
salad and roast chicken.
It was sooooo good.
(Simon, just so you know, I will be expecting this EVERY Saturday now!)

Today we took a little excursion to the play park
by the beach.
It was a little cold but the kids were too
busy running around to notice.
We met up with a friend and had a hot chocolate.
It was so nice to be out!

Before going home we went for a walk on the beach and
threw some pebbles in the water.
there were loads of people on the beach, most of them
playing with their kids or dogs, or just sitting
reading a book.
There was a guy on a jet ski doing crazy things
and some windsurfers in the distance.
All in all busy for January!

I invited my friend and her kiddies back to our
house and we made some chocolate chips
cookies that were to die for!
Seriously, I'm talking cookie heaven here!

After that the kids played with their friends and had a
great time....until it was time for them to go.
Emily wasn't happy, let's just keep it at that.

kiddies are now in bed, sound asleep smelling of
soap and watermelon shampoo.
Ready for school in the morning.
Think I might go and kiss their little heads.



Wow moment

Yesterday Emily came home from school with a "Wow moment bracelet".
How exciting.
She was so proud of herself for getting this and told me all about why she got it.

Let me just explain this first.
In her class they have a reward chart.
In the morning everyone starts off on orange.
Whenever the kiddies are good and work hard they get to move themselves up onto green.
All the way at the top is "the wizard" and each day a different wizard child gets chosen to receive the "wow moment" bracelet.
There is also red on the chart.
No one wants to go on red, red is bad.

So back to Emily
Yesterday she did some EXCELLENT writing.
 She wrote a card to her teacher inviting her to her next birthday party. You can't say my girlie isn't organised considering her next birthday isn't until September.
So, my daughters lovely handwriting = impressed teacher = wow moment.

I am one happy and extremely proud mummy!

showing her bracelet

Love you my munchkin!


They're back!!!

Just found out Vampire diaries is back on tonight.
Woohoo, I can't wait.
I do love all the drama between Elena and her two Salvatore boys...
Yep yep, a night in front of the box it is for me.

What I wear to work

I have just come back from work, want to see my "uniform"?
First I should say that I work in a school. I'm a lunch time supervisor so I have to make sure all the little munchkins eat their lunch, get their correct lunch (sandwiches or hot meal/vegetarian meal), have good table manners and when finished quietly leave the table and go play outside.
I have to wear an apron, a very cute one indeed!
The kiddies in school are aged 4-7 and they LOVE these aprons. Why wouldn't they, it has fairies, butterflies, caterpillars, mushrooms and flowers on it.
Emily absolutely loves it when I bring my apron home, this means she can dress up in it....and go through the front pocket where I keep stickers.
Kids love stickers, did you know that?
I give them out the the ones who've eaten all their lunch or have behaved really well.
It also motivates them to finish their lunch instead of rushing off to go and play outside.
Emily always makes sure she gets one.
I'm very lucky to work in her school and see what's she's like away from home. She behaves so well and I'm very proud her.

When I get back home I'm always VERY hungry.
Today I made myself this for lunch (and then forgot about it when it was in the oven)

                          It was still very yummy even it was a bit crisp at the top.

I finished it all....can I have a sticker now?


spring fashion and a white mystery

Today my new Next catalogue arrived. Woohoo very exciting, I love my Next catalogue.
I made myself a coffee and sat down for a good hour going back and forth between all the outfits I liked, marking all the pages that had trousers, tops, cardigans and more on that I like/want and then went through it all again. Tell me I'm not the only one doing this.
It's full of lovely spring fashion in gorgeous colours. I can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer.
My eye immediately fell on this top
Isn't it nice, and they have it in two different colours!!!
Now comes the big I get it in navy or mink???

On another note, have you ever found something in your house and then be mystified to where it came from or what it belongs to?
I did today.

I was in the kitchen and there was this small white button thing on the floor????
I've checked all the appliances etc and no white button thingy is missing anywhere.
In the man drawer it went.
Now, a lot of random things go in our man drawer. Originally it was Simon's drawer, you know for all his man stuff (batteries, small tools, paperwork, chargers,...), but as you can see it's more a junk drawer now (and in need of a SERIOUS clear out).

I hope we don't lose you in there little mysterious object, maybe one day soon we'll find out where you came from.


to come back to....

my months resolution. I have decided to start weight watchers.
I am going to try and lose 1,5 - 2 kg this month.
My shopping list was full of fruit and veggies and I have made myself a healthy meal plan for this week.

breakfast: bowl of special K red berries cereal, 1/2 grapefruit, mocha coffee
lunch: Greek salad, banana
dinner: king prawn stir fry with rice noodles, yogurt
snacks: bag of caramel rice cakes, grapes

Sounds yummy right! Let's hope I don't miss the chocolate too much...oh and just in case I have bought some weight watchers hot chocolate!

A day at the zoo

This morning when we opened the curtains it was so lovely and sunny that we decided to spend the day outside. We went to the zoo and the kids were soooo excited!They loved watching the penguins (we even saw them being fed), giraffes, cheetahs, jaguars, snow leopards, tigers (Emily loves big cats, can you tell?!) and of course the meerkats.
A good day was had by all!