Only two more sleeps

Not long now until Easter, only two more sleeps.  Dylan and Emily are sooooo excited.
They have been counting down all week and can't wait to find out
 what treats the Easter bunny will bring them this year.
Emily had to make an Easter bonnet for rainbows and then they went
to the old people's home for a parade and songs.
She loved this and was really proud of her handy work.
So cute!

Red nose day

Dylan and Emily had to dress up for Red Nose Day last week.
This mainly involved crazy hair, red clothes and of course a red nose!
We were so rushed that morning I nearly forgot to take a photo, so a very
quick one with coats already on it was.
You can't tell but Emi's hair was tied up at the back in several pony tails with red ribbons
and tiny bells...I'm sure her teacher appreciated that extra special touch.
Dylan wanted his hair to stick up as high as possible, I think we succeeded.

Little Red Emily


Emily had a special class assembly
. Not only was the assembly for the other kids in school, parents were invited too,
 which doesn't happen often so you can only imagine how excited she was.
It was all about the topic they had been learning about which was traditional tales and Emily
got to play Little Red Riding Hood.
It was all very sweet., they did a little play and sang some songs. Her eyes were glued
on me during the entire assembly making sure I was watching her every move.
Afterwards she ran up and gave me the biggest hug.
I'm so happy I got to be there for her.
I loved every minute of the performance and she sure does make
the cutest Little Red ever.


Time to pack away the boots

Today I walked the kids to school in shoes instead of boots, oh yes!
I'm so happy about this lovely spring weather we are having and I'm definitely
ready to pack away my boots.
Spring weather, stay for a while won't you!