Fun in the snow

I love when it snows. A few weeks back I bought the kids some snow
overalls and snow boots and they were so excited.
Finally we woke up to a light dusting of snow, you should have seen the smiles
on their faces.
After school they both went straight upstairs, got themselves dressed in their new
snow gear and ran out the door to play.
Dylan must have throw about a hundred snowballs and Emily was rolling in
the snow and making snow angels.
We tried to make a snowman but only managed to make a tiny one who's now
guarding the front door.
They were out for such a long time and had so much fun.
 When they finally came back in their cheeks were all rosy an pinchable.
Love it!
I'm so hoping for more snow.


Furby love

 Emily LOVES the Furby Santa brought her for Christmas.
Every time I look at her she is either carrying it around, talking to it, feeding it or
giving it hugs and cuddles.
The other day she was playing a game on the computer and Furby was
there too, right in front of the screen. when I asked what she was doing she said
"I'm letting my Furby play the game and made a character for him,
he's really good at it".
I know Santa had his doubts about giving her one of these, I'm so glad he did.
Yes, Furby definitely is her little buddy.


Emily's daffodils

Today when we went shopping Emily's eyes immediately fell on these
little daffodils.
She begged us to buy her one and since she had just received a gold certificate in
school for brilliant work and behaviour I couldn't resist.
As soon as we came home we found the perfect place for it, the window sill in her room.
I think it looks pretty perfect there next to her little duck.
I love that she can get excited about something as little as a flower.
She can't wait for the little buds to open and I've got a feeling it will be the first
thing she checks on when she gets up in the morning.


Far away pen pal

 When I picked Dylan up from school yesterday he was all excited. He had
gotten a letter from a girl who lived ALL the way in Australia.
Last year his class started sending letters to kids in a school over there and
after a long wait they finally got a reply.
I cannot tell you how happy he is with having a far away pen pal.
I told him how when I was in year 4 I had a pen pal who lived all the way in
Australia too, my cousin Sam, and how we used to write letters to each other
all the time.
At that point Dylan's smile got even bigger and he hugged me and said
 "oh mummy, we are alike in so many ways".
My heart just melted .
He's such a sweet boy and he is right you know, we are very alike.


Christmas in Belgium

We spend our Christmas with family in Belgium.
We hadn't been back in a while and it was so nice to see everyone again
and catch up with family and friends. I really miss them.
The kids were very excited of course.
One worry though....
would Santa know we were at grandad's house in Belgium?
Christmas eve is traditionally the night presents get given out in Belgium, so we
gave the kid presents from us and the family. Some of the things they got were Playmobil, painting by numbers, Barbie, Lego and a remote control helicopter.  They LOVED all their new toys.
After presents the kids went up to bed...but not before tracking Santa to see how close
he was to delivering their goodies of course. They were so excited!
Christmas day we were woken up early by their excited voices and they quickly
ran down to see if Santa had filled their stockings and brought them their most
wished for toy...a Furby.
I guess Santa decided they were in the good book and their new Furbies were delivered.
Lucky kids!
I loved their faces as they were emptying their stockings and discovering
all their surprises. Dylan's stocking included some Moshi Monster top trump cards, a new
movie, pyjama's and some cases for his Wii remotes.
Emily got some Sylvanian families, bracelets, hair clips, bath bubbles, lip gloss and some Hello kitty body spray and lotion.
It was all very cute.
They are at such a magical age right now...wish they could stay like that forever.


Look who's nine

 Last month Dylan turned nine (nine!!!!).
I still can't believe how fast he's growing up, I'm sure he was just a baby, then I blinked
and now he's a handsome nine year old.
Wish I could somehow slow down time a bit...
His birthday was on a Monday so we decided to have his party over the weekend.
He loved the idea because that meant he was able to celebrate for two full days.
Saturday we all went up to Winter Wonderland in London.
We visited the circus which both kids loved, took them on some
of the rides and visited the ice sculptures.
It was a magical day.
Sunday we had some of his best friends around for a pizza and Wii party,
followed by a visit from his grandad, uncles, aunts and cousins.
He had an amazing birthday weekend, he sure is one lucky nine year old
and we all love him very very much.