Christmas in Belgium

We spend our Christmas with family in Belgium.
We hadn't been back in a while and it was so nice to see everyone again
and catch up with family and friends. I really miss them.
The kids were very excited of course.
One worry though....
would Santa know we were at grandad's house in Belgium?
Christmas eve is traditionally the night presents get given out in Belgium, so we
gave the kid presents from us and the family. Some of the things they got were Playmobil, painting by numbers, Barbie, Lego and a remote control helicopter.  They LOVED all their new toys.
After presents the kids went up to bed...but not before tracking Santa to see how close
he was to delivering their goodies of course. They were so excited!
Christmas day we were woken up early by their excited voices and they quickly
ran down to see if Santa had filled their stockings and brought them their most
wished for toy...a Furby.
I guess Santa decided they were in the good book and their new Furbies were delivered.
Lucky kids!
I loved their faces as they were emptying their stockings and discovering
all their surprises. Dylan's stocking included some Moshi Monster top trump cards, a new
movie, pyjama's and some cases for his Wii remotes.
Emily got some Sylvanian families, bracelets, hair clips, bath bubbles, lip gloss and some Hello kitty body spray and lotion.
It was all very cute.
They are at such a magical age right now...wish they could stay like that forever.


Unknown said...

This age is so precious on Christmas Morning!!

Yay for Furbies!!

Amy said...

Emily's hair is so long and beautiful!! Looks like a wonderful Christmas morning!