Furby love

 Emily LOVES the Furby Santa brought her for Christmas.
Every time I look at her she is either carrying it around, talking to it, feeding it or
giving it hugs and cuddles.
The other day she was playing a game on the computer and Furby was
there too, right in front of the screen. when I asked what she was doing she said
"I'm letting my Furby play the game and made a character for him,
he's really good at it".
I know Santa had his doubts about giving her one of these, I'm so glad he did.
Yes, Furby definitely is her little buddy.

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Anonymous said...

This post brought back old memories! I had three when I was about her age, and I did the same thing haha. I LOVED Furbys. We still have all three of them, they work.. more or less. My son loves them though :D