A while ago Emily made some cupcakes and it just occurred to me
that I never shared the photo's
Better late than never I guess.
Anyway, my little lady loves helping in the kitchen and baking is definitely
one of her hobbies. One this occasion I wasn't allowed to help her...she wanted to do it all herself.
she did wonderful and the cupcakes were very yummy.



Love them...

I sure do love my two munchkins!

Zoo days

These past few weeks we've visited our local zoo a number of times, Simon works there as
a safari truck driver and the kids (and me) absolutely love going in with him.
Usually we go on the safari ride, the kids have been lucky enough to be able to sit in the front
with their dad, it makes them feel very special!
 Afterwards the kids take me to their favourite playground where they play all afternoon long while I sit on a picnic bench under a tree with a book.
Of course we do make sure we see our favourite animals each time. Dylan and Emily love the cats, big ones and small ones and I adore the giraffes.
Simon has made a very special new friend at the zoo...her name is Rutie and she's a lioness.
Every time she sees him she gets up and stalks him...
Very funny to watch but I'm sure that if she ever escapes Simon's had it!



Playing blog catch up

I am so behind with this blog.
 With school out and busy summer days I seem to not get much done.
Let's see if I can play catch up...
First up, in June we had fathers day
We were planning on surprising Simon with breakfast in bed but he kind of
messed that one up by coming down early! Instead he got all his presents and cards in the sofa,
followed by a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon and homemade bread.
Later on we walked to the play park followed by a nice family lunch at Simon's dads house.
We had a great fathers day.
Late June we visited a farm.
To say the kids loved it would be an understatement!
The climbed up the tractors, stroked all the animals, went for a tractor ride, did a farm scavenger hunt and played farm games.
Dylan absolutely loved the lambs and they seemed to love him back,
so cute.
With the end of the school year approaching the kids had sports day at school. Both of them did so well and were excellent members to their teams. Very proud of them!
We've been really lucky with the weather so far these summer holidays, we've
had a couple of beach days and zoo days and lot's of lazy days at home.
I'm sure we've got many more amazing days to come.