Some pretties around the house

I'm in a real remodelling mood at the moment!
I just can't seem to help myself these days but I'm constantly looking at ways to beautify my home.
I've got big plans for both kids rooms, which will be be a bit of a long time project but in the mean time I'm perfectly happy adding little accents here and there.

Last week I went shopping and I really wasn't expecting to pick up anything more than some cat food and craft supplies. Imagine my surprise when I came across the most beautiful flower lights garland. I just had to have it! It looks really beautiful in the bedroom and gives a soft warm glow. Emily loves it too and sneaks into my room after we've put her to bed, her excuse for this is bad dreams, but we know it's because of the flower lights. I should really buy her one of these too.

We've had those three little perfume bottles for years. They used to live in the bedroom but then the colour scheme changed and they were moved downstairs for a awhile before ending up in the hallway.
A couple of days ago my husband moved them into the bathroom and I think they look really sweet there.

I bought those pretty roses last week and they have been brightening up our living room ever since.
I do love having fresh flowers around.

The bunny ring holder is another gem from the flower lights shop. That shop keeps amazing me!
(Family Bargains in case you were wondering)
I think I actually did a little dance when I saw these.
I have got two of them, a birdie one and this cute bunny.
This little guy lives in Emily's room and is perfect for holding her earrings which were previously being left all over her room and getting lost.
Too sweet.

Can't wait to find and add more little treasures!


A busy weekend

Happy Monday everyone!
The kids are back at school and life is back to normal. I have to say, the half term has just flown by.
We've been really busy, so busy even that yesterday evening I HAD to go to bed at 9, I just couldn't stay awake any longer.
I told my boss this morning I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend (and half term) but he didn't seem convinced enough to let me have two days off, haha.

So last week the kids went on a computer / minecraft course which they both absolutely loved.
Emily was crying when she had to come meet us for lunch on the second day. My dad and brother had travelled over from Belgium for the day so we thought it would be fun the pick the kids up during their break to have lunch with us...little miss got very upset she had to leave, such a drama queen!
Both her and Dylan then wolfed down their lunch so they could rush back. Never seen two kids so enthusiastic to go and learn!

I'm so glad the weather stayed dry for half term, and not only that...the sun came out as well!
No way was I going to let the kids sit inside in front of the TV.

Saturday we went to town to do some quick shopping. I also promised the kids to take them to their favourite play park near the beach.
It's a bit of a treat for them if we go there on the cliff lift. They LOVE it!

It takes us straight to the park entrance and then they just run all the way to get to the actual play park.

It's so beautiful out there and some of the views are spectacular.

Emily quickly made some new friends and played pirates while Dylan went straight for the zip wire.

They had so much fun!
When they were ready to go back home we took them back the beach way, it's always fun to throw pebbles into the water.

No surprise when I say Dylan got wet feet. He somehow always ends up getting wet when we're on the beach! 

Sunday we met up with family and after we went to the country park.
The kids ran straight to the little play park where Dylan dominated the roundabout and Emily the swings.
We then continued on for a walk around the lake in search for the ducks. 
On of the kids favourite things to do is race sticks down the waterfall. Such a fun game.

The rest of the day was spent at my brother in law's where we had an amazing Sunday roast dinner.
Tired we got home, bathed the kids, put them to bed and then fell asleep on the sofa at 8.
See, I do need a weekend to recover!


Dylan and Emily's favourite books

Ever since the kids were little I've been reading to them and over the years we've accumulated quite a kids library.  Books have come and gone of course.
Some were passed on to younger cousins, some got so tatty from reading over and over again we just had to get rid of them. Some of them we still have.
Emily still has numerous "baby" books on her bookshelf and even though she's too grown up for them she still enjoys flicking through them to look at the pretty pictures.
She's a real bookworm and loves getting lost in a story world.
Dylan on the other hand is not as passionate about books, but find a book he loves and he too will finish it in no time.
Both of them read on a daily basis as they come home with schoolbooks that need to be read, they don't always necessarily like these stories but read them anyway. 
If it was up to them though they would read these books over and over again.

Dylan's faves

Diary of a wimpy kid. Ever since watching the first movie a couple of years ago Dylan has been hooked.
He's read all the books so far and absolutely loves them. These are usually read within days. I love hearing him read them out loud as they are quite funny.

Horrid Henry. A couple of Christmases ago he was given the Horrid Henry box set and slowly he's been getting through them. 

See inside planet Earth and Your amazing body. Dylan has always enjoyed informative books and even though we've had both of these for years he's only just started to really appreciated them. I think it's because he's older now and really understands all the information given. Both are great books with lift the flap bits, which is why he enjoyed looking through them so much when he was little. What child doesn't like lift the flap books right!

Emily's faves

Stories of ponies and stories of magic ponies. Anything with horses or unicorns is always a hit with Emily! She really loves these books and has read them over and over again.

Snow bears. She acquired this book about a year ago when her Rainbows group was doing a book swap. It's such an adorable story and I was so happy with her for choosing such a great book. Since she's had it she's taken it on sleepovers, to school to read to her classroom and on holiday to Belgium. Definitely a favourite.

Pippi Longstocking. My friend bought her this one for Christmas and I was so excited about this! I remember watching the television series when I was little so it brought back great memories. I have started reading it to her at bedtime and Emily is really enjoying Pippi's adventures. 

Peter Rabbit. Emily has been a Peter Rabbit fan since she was about two. We went to a Peter Rabbit play and for a while after that she was Peter Rabbit obsessed! I found this book at a boot fair and she loved it then and still does now! 

Charlie and Lola. We have so many Charlie and Lola books, they are such sweet stories and Emily and me love the illustrations as well.  



Random Monday thoughts

I can't believe it's Monday already, this weekend has flown by!
We haven't done much at all but Monday always seems to come too early don't you think!
Anyway, i just thought I would treat you to some random thoughts.

About twenty minutes ago I send the kids up to brush their teeth, they somehow got distracted and started playing with their furbies. 
About 10 minutes ago the kids left to go on a Minecraft course with dad.
The furbies are still chattering away and one of them has a really evil laugh! I wonder if they will ever stop.
If your child has a furby you will probably know how annoying they can get and how I must be feeling right now.

Did anyone watch the Bafta's last night? I really enjoyed it. Great movies, great stars and some great speeches. So pleased Frozen won best animated movie, that one is definitely a favourite in our house. Really want to watch American hustler and 12 years a slave now. We've seen Gravity and it really does deserve all the awards it got.

Yesterday my dad sent me an email with photo's from when I was little. I hadn't seen some of these in forever and they all brought back great memories, like this one for instance.

 Before blowing the candles on my cake I rushed to my room to change into my ballet outfit because I wanted to show my grandma my dance moves and ballet poses. The cake had to wait!
I do love old photo's like that!

My kids have gone on a Minecraft course today, not sure what it is but I imagine it will be learning how to do some programming. I wonder how long before they get bored.

I haven't watered the house plants in over a week, better do that some time today!

The H&M kids catalogue came through the letterbox this weekend and oh boy do I want to order some stuff from it!! They have the most adorable dresses, tops and leggings.  I really need to update Emily's wardrobe, she has outgrown all her summer clothes and I definitely have my eyes on some of them! 

I need to go to work now, better hurry up or I'll be late!

Those two furbies are still making noise by the way.

Aaaaaand I'm back! I only worked for a couple of hours today which is nice since it's half term and the kids are home from school. The are not back yet from the Minecraft course, which means some peace and quiet for me. I can use it after having Emily home sick all of last week. Think I will boil the kettle and put my feet up in a minute. Heaven.

I'm eating left over apple strudel for lunch. Healthy, I know! I really need to go shopping as we are out of bread, hence the strudel.

I'm in this mood again where I want to completely change and update our home interior. It seems I get like  this every time the seasons change! I'd love new curtains, bedding, furniture, decorations, new paint on the walls and so on! I'm not the only one who gets like this right??

Anyway, the kettle has boiled so I'm off to have a cup of coffee.
Have a great week everyone!


Longing for summer

I love this photo of Emily sitting by the lake with her feet in the water and not a care in the world
 and I just can't help but wish summer would hurry up.
I've truly had enough now of all this rain and wind.
I've had enough of being stuck indoors with two bored kids who spend way too much time on electronics or arguing.
Instead I'm dreaming of sunny days, filled with fun and laughter, picnics at the park and afternoons at the beach.
Please summer, or spring at least, hurry up!


Love the little things

Today I'm joining in with But Why Mummy Why's link up.

*Love the little things*

The idea behind the posts is that they are a weekly chance to remember the little things you’ve loved that join up to make your week.


Emily has been ill all week so I've been a giving her lots of cuddles while fluffing up her pillow, rearranging her blanket, reading her temperature and reading her some stories.
One of her favourite books at the moment is called Stories for girls so we got it out, cuddled under a blanket and read it together. She really enjoyed this and so did I!

I've also read my kids end of term school reports and oh boy am I a proud mummy!!!


This week I really started enjoying Modern Family. It's always been one of these series we never really watched and we always flicked to something else when it came on.....until now. I can't believe how much I'm actually enjoying this. Gloria is just hilarious, hahaha! I saw a preview of a newer series where she's pregnant, can't wait to see what she's like with raging hormones!


My kids have discovered Frozen.
This song has been played a lot in our house this week.
Can't wait for when this movie is out on DVD.


This morning the kids and I made some valentines cookies. They turned out pretty great I think!



I've been wearing quite a few scarves this week! They are just so easy and versatile to wear, especially when I don't have to work.
One of my faves is this infinity scarf. This photo was taken ages ago but I just thought I'd put it up anyway.

 I've also broken my own rule.
Leggings and a jumper.
Now I love a good pair of leggings just as much as the next girl...but please please consider them as tights and not as trousers!!!! If you are going to wear them, wear them with a longer shirt or tunic. No one wants to see wobbly butt cheeks and most people will be able to tell you are a girl without you having to proof it to them!
as I am typing this I am actually wearing leggings and a fleecy gap jumper. Hmmm.
Am I comfy? Yes.
Am I wearing this out later? No way!!!

And lastly..

Yesterday afternoon Emily snuck into her room and told me not to come in. 
When she came back out she was holding something behind her back.
With the proudest smile she handed me this homemade card.
Isn't it adorable! I especially love the "beloved" part.
Hahaha, where does she come up with these things.

Dylan went to the valentines disco at school last night and I think he looked very handsome!