Did you know...
that this cutie patootie bought me some flowers yesterday?
Well he did.
We went to the supermarket and he insisted on taking his own wallet,
then dragged dad away while me and Emily were buying groceries, unaware of anything.
When we got home Dylan asked me to sit on the sofa and close my eyes
and when I opened them he had a big bunch of flowers...just like that!
How sweet is he and how lucky am I to have such an amazing boy!
When I asked him why he surprised me like that
he said
because you are the best mommy in the world.
That's my Dylan for you,
he's amazing, kind, clever, thoughtful
and all mine!


Did you stick to them?

A few weeks back I was thinking about my long forgotten
new years resolution.
The one about losing weight.
You can read it here if you want.
New months resolution? What was I thinking!!
It all started out really well back in January, and even February wasn't so
bad...for a few days.
Now it's mid August and I can definitely tell you I did
not stick to it at all.
I gained two pounds instead since then!
Time for a change I think.
Luckily there are these two great girls who've decided to do a weekly
link up, to motivate, inspire and get fit.
Raven and Kristen, I can't thank you enough!
So I am ready to lose those two pounds,
Oh yessss,
followed by a whole lot more!
My starting weight is: 78.5 kg = 173 pounds
So this week I am planning to get a whole lot more active.
Hello treadmill, remember me?
I'll also we watching what I eat and track my food intake / calories
and I'll definitely be eating a lot of these
I made this salad earlier this week and was surprised with how well the fruit and veg
go together. This salad had lettuce, one tomato, cucumber, tinned mandarins, blueberries
and black berries. It was so YUMMY I made another the next day.
This salad contains lettuce, red pepper, avocado, mandarins, black berries, blueberries,
croutons and king prawns. Soooooo good!
So here we go (again)
I'm hoping I will feel as optimistic as I do now
this time next week.
(And a few pound lighter!)


This little family of mine...

Yes, that is you I'm referring to!
you are beautiful!
Yesterday I co-hosted the GFC blog hop and I am so grateful to welcome
loads of new followers (if you haven't already
added yourself to the hop scroll down and go do that now, there is still time).
So, I figured today would be perfect to introduce my little family to all
you lovely people.
Well here I am
I'm Daisy, I was born in Belgium but am now living in England.
How did I get to live here?
Because of him
 That's my husband Simon.
We met in France while we were both in the navy. Him being in the Royal Navy,
me in the Belgian navy.
 Yes, I really was in the navy....I also used to wear shorts!
So there I was in France, having some drinks with a few friends in a cafe,
when all of a sudden this guy picked up my (silver) jacket and ran out.
Of course I ran straight after him shouting like a crazy lady.
Turned out that was my husband to be....
You see the cafe had these lovely menu's that were printed on sails of a ship
and he wanted one as a souvenir. My jacket seemed like the perfect disguise to smuggle
one out according to him.
The rest is history.
Yes, I ended up marrying a jacket stealing, menu stealing Englishman!
So a few years went by and the cutest little baby boy was born.
Meet Dylan.
He's the most amazing little boy. He's so full of energy and has got the kindest heart ever.
He loves his bike, Lego, maths, his Wii and even though he's eight now he still loves
his teddy Rex.
When he was two he became a big brother
to Emily
She is a little madam and has a very strong personality.
No one will ever need to tell her who is is or what she needs to do (which does
make parenting challenging sometimes for me)
She's very clever, artistic, loves books all things girly and sweet.
Together we make up this family
Gosh, how much have we changed in just one year!!!!
Want to know 25 random facts about me?
You can read them all here
So now that you know me a bit better I really hope you will stick around!
Thanks so much to each and every one of you.
Let's become great friends OK.


Hop along with the GFC Blog Hop!

I am soooooo excited today!
Want to know why?
Well I am co-hosting the GFC blog hop with the lovely
Melissa from The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife.
Why don't you join and link up, you won't regret I promise!
If you are new...
WELCOME to my blog, I am so happy to have you here.
Stay a while why don't you.
OK, let's get this party started!


It's Tuesday again which means it's time for the GFC Blog hop!

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You know you want to make some of these!

We have been busy bees this week, which is why I've been barely here.
You know we are half way through the summer holidays now and the first
three weeks have been chaotic.
We haven't really had a schedule, we've been doing things as they came
and I just haven't found the time for blogging.
I really don't know how all you other mommy's do it, maybe it should organise my time
a bit better.
Yes, I really should.
So, what are my kids holding up in the pictures above?
well let me tell you,
they've made sun catchers.
Aren't they great!
Such an easy project to do and they really enjoyed it.
I started them out by cutting a hole in a paper plate.
They then colored the outside and drew on some designs.
When they were finished I helped them by sticking some
clear adhesive paper to the back (sticky side on the side of the designs),
and they then stuck tissue paper to it.
Their sun catchers are now hanging in the sun room and cheering the whole place up
with their bright colours.
We are slowly getting through our "summer projects" list I wrote
about at the beginning of the summer.
If I organise my time a bit better this week you might actually get
 to read about what we've been doing.
But for now
making paper plate sun catchers is now officially crossed of the list!
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What summer does to me

I've been eating way too much of you this week!
Why oh why do you have to be so good?
Honestly peeps, you should have seen the plate (yes plate not bowl, it's bigger!)
of ice cream I had earlier this week.
Two giant scoops of vanilla and two giant scoops of chocolate
topped with a flake
and a slice of cake.
Nothing for the faint hearted here!
If I keep going like this I will burst out of my pants any day.
I know I know you are jealous right!
Why wouldn't you be of my wicked sunburn / tan line.
I love how it looks when I wear sleeveless tops. It just finishes
off my outfit don't you think.
All I need now are sock tan lines.
Playing tennis with the kiddies, barefoot while
wearing Emily's sunhat.
Who cares if it is way too small for me,
it's the cutest little sunhat ever and
we had fun
Summer also makes me do creepy poses over little people.
Not sure what I am on about?
Have a look at this next photo.
She was actually taking pictures of our shadows...
that was until she got distracted by cow poop and decided to start taking pictures of that
instead. Don't believe me.
cow poop on my blog...proud moment here people!
Proud moment.
moving on.

Summer also makes me wrap parcels in the park.
This particular "parcel" requested to be wrapped up even more.
I wasn't too bothered about my parcel wrapping skills here
but someone who will be able to tell you all about them is
She was the winner of my giveaway a few weeks back and  has written the
most adorable post about receiving her "Royal Mail".
Go and read it here and say hi to her while you are there will you.
Doesn't she rock those earrings!

OK and with that this icecream eating, tanlined, tiny sunhat wearing, creepy posing,
poop posting, parcel wrapping
is saying
Have a good weekend!!

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shake your coconuts

Hey my lovelies, it's Thursday again which means I am
linking up my current crush.
Why don't you join me?
Well I am guessing you already know what I'm crushing on this week.
That's right,
What brought this crush on you might ask me.
Well let me tell you.
Earlier this week I treated myself to the most fabulous
body butter EVER, I'm talking pure bliss in a little
tub here.
Not only does it make my skin super soft and shimmer (shimmers, whooooo), it also smells divine!
As soon as I rub this into my skin I am transformed to some exotic
coconut island.
Yep, exactly like that.
Seriously, go and buy it, I'm sure you'll love it.
Of course this little tub of body butter has made me crave even
more coconut goodies.
First of all a coconut scented candle so I can close my eyes
 and pretend I'm in paradise.
I particularly like this one
Nice no, and what good use of a coconut shell!
Next up...
Coconut drinks, yummy.
Alcoholic, non alcoholic...I'll have them both oh yes I will.
And while I'm having my refreshing drink I'll take
one of these too. (who am I kidding, I'll have more than one).
Probably followed my some of these.
Yep, you could say I'm going coconutty!