You know you want to make some of these!

We have been busy bees this week, which is why I've been barely here.
You know we are half way through the summer holidays now and the first
three weeks have been chaotic.
We haven't really had a schedule, we've been doing things as they came
and I just haven't found the time for blogging.
I really don't know how all you other mommy's do it, maybe it should organise my time
a bit better.
Yes, I really should.
So, what are my kids holding up in the pictures above?
well let me tell you,
they've made sun catchers.
Aren't they great!
Such an easy project to do and they really enjoyed it.
I started them out by cutting a hole in a paper plate.
They then colored the outside and drew on some designs.
When they were finished I helped them by sticking some
clear adhesive paper to the back (sticky side on the side of the designs),
and they then stuck tissue paper to it.
Their sun catchers are now hanging in the sun room and cheering the whole place up
with their bright colours.
We are slowly getting through our "summer projects" list I wrote
about at the beginning of the summer.
If I organise my time a bit better this week you might actually get
 to read about what we've been doing.
But for now
making paper plate sun catchers is now officially crossed of the list!
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Claire Justine said...

Arr these are great they did a super job :)Thanks for linking up with us at Creative Mondays :)

Unknown said...

Those are so adorable. My kids would have a blast making those!
Im your newest follower

XOXO Tiffany

Nicole Marie said...

Cool craft. My boys would love doing this!
newest follower from the GFC blog hop. Thanks for co-hosting!


Niken said...

looks life a fun project! i used to help my little brother doing his school project. next time i come home i'll ask him to try this one.

Julie Marie said...

wow such a great idea. i havent done ANYTHING like this with my kids this summer and now i am feeling guilty about it.. =(
i am visiting you from the blog hop! hope you are having a blast!! i co-hosted a few weeks back and had so much fun!!

~Summer~ said...

Oh this is an awesome DIY craft! Thanks for posting! Am popping by from Creative Monday and following you on GFC now! Always love to share creative ideas!