Top:Next. Jeans: Dorothy Perkins. Boots: Next. Bracelet: gift

This morning I went into town with a friend and
we sat down to have a coffee.
My eye fell on a mum and her toddler.
The little girl was hanging onto mums coat and crying,
begging her mommy to pick her up.
Mom was too busy texting a message on her phone and I
overheard her say "Just leave me alone and walk, you've got two legs!"
I felt so sorry for the little one.
All she wanted was her mommy.

It got me thinking...a few years from now that little
girl will be all grown up and not want picking up or cuddles
Mom might want one then.
I wonder how many more special moments she has missed.

It just made me want to go up to school and give my
two a great big hug.
Kids grow up so fast. We should cherish each and every moment
and hug, cuddle and pick them up for as long as they let us.

Forever I hope.

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The good, the bad and the ugly

How I feel blah today!
We've all got those days haven't we, where nothing feels
or looks right.
Today is DEFINITELY mine.

But let's just skip that for now and start with
the good.

Dylan had to dress up as a book character for book
week in school and he decided to go as "Where's Wally?".
I think he looked really good, even if I did have to draw the
glasses on myself (I thought they were included in the outfit, but
quite clearly they weren't).
Looking at the picture now he kind of reminds me of one
of those prisoners you see in old black and white movies, hahaha!
He did have a wicked time in school and really enjoyed being
"Wally" for the day.

Yesterday Dylan earned his yellow karate belt. How good is that!
I'm very proud of my little karate kid.
By the way, he's in his sisters room here...just in case you were wondering.

Emily had loads of fun blowing bubbles
the other day. Doesn't she look funky in her disco glasses?!
It was the first really warm day of the year.
First day we could go out without any coats on, so we took
full advantage!
Before blowing bubbles both her and Dylan had been
scooting up and down the road and transforming
our pavement into a chalk masterpiece.
Another good thing is these crisps I'm eating.
Yum yum, cheesy goodness. They are making a bit of a mess
but are SO worth it.

A seriously good thing is the way Simon recovered after his surgery!
He had 18 inches of his colon removed last Monday, and came back
home on Friday! So happy it all went well. He's still taking it all very easy
but I am just amazed at his recovery. He's pretty much looking like himself
again and has the same bed hair as in this photo which was taken over Christmas.

When walking to the postbox earlier I noticed tiny buds on the trees.
Soon they will look like this.
I LOVE it when the trees blossom, so beautiful.
Spring is such a pretty month.

Maybe one more good....I kind of really like the outfit I am wearing in
the photo above, especially the necklace

This photo also takes me straight to

the bad.

photography skills are far from perfect here!
Even the posing in the top photo is awkward, I mean
come on, I was scratching my head!

Moving on.

Ha, talking about moving, we are thinking of moving house
so two weeks ago we found the perfect little family home with
a great kitchen, rooms big enough to fit all our stuff and a big garden
that will fit our trampoline. (the garden we have now doesn't fit
the trampoline. Well it does but then there is no room for ANYTHING
It was all very exciting until we found out the house was
no longer available.
Too bad :(

the ugly.
My hair.
Not a lot to say about that, my mop just isn't 
co operating at all these days.
Next Monday I have a hairdressers appointment....finally!

Hmm, reading back on all this I realise there
is no reason for me to feel blah at all.
There is so much good going on.
I think I'll just smile for the rest of the day
and try not to care (about my drab hair).

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Have a happy Tuesday my friends!


My weekly running plan: week 3

This week I only ran once!
very disappointing, I know.
I had a good reason (excuse) though, my husband
had surgery and was in hospital all week, so after
running back and forth between the hospital, picking kids up
from school, cooking dinner, helping with homework,
bathing kids, bedtime stories and housework I was pretty

I know I could have probably squeezed in  half an hour
in the mornings...
I just felt I didn't have the time.
Excuses right!

Maybe I should have titled this post
excuses, excuses
as this is exactly what I'm going to talk about this week.

1. I don't have time! (my excuse)
Make little adjustments to your every day tasks, that
way you can "save" some time for exercising.
You could also try to break up your exercising time, for example if you
normally exercise 30 minutes (like I do), do 15 minutes in the
morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Your body still gets the
same benefits.
You could do some of you errands running or run while playing
with the kids.
Turn the TV off and exercise instead or go on the treadmill
while watching your favourite programme.

2. I'm too tired!
When you are tired it's hard to get motivated, but going
for a run will energise you. You will feel less
tired the more you exercise and feel a lot fitter.
If you feel tired at the start of a run just start slowly and
build it up.

3. The weather isn't on my side!
Dress appropriate. Lot's of layers when it's cold,
a wind and waterproof jacket when it rains and remember to take a
water bottle when it's hot.

4. I don't like running in public!
Don't worry about what others think and be proud of
yourself for exercising and doing something healthy.
If you don't like running by yourself you could find a running partner.
If you don't like running outside use a treadmill and run in
the comfort of your home.

5. Running gets boring!
Listen to your favourite music while running and
if you run outside look around and enjoy the scenery.
Try and shake up your run by taking new routes.
You could join a running group or go running
with a friend.

Just remember

I'm ready to start a new week and am ready to
tackle those 4 minutes I was talking about last week.
No more excuses for me!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!

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Who lives in my daughters room?

A couple a weeks ago I was talking about the sculptures I used to make.
Well this one above is definitely my favourite creation.
Emily LOVES her as well, and this little forest
nymph now happily lives in her room...along with a few others.

My daughter LOVES dragons, so I decided to make her her
very own sculpture, dragon included. The dragon had to be pink, of course!
Needless to say she loves it.
They again have a special place in her room.

The princess and the frog, golden ball included.
About a year ago this was her favourite story, so how
could I not make her one of these.

We called this one Alice (in wonderland).
Sadly she is no longer with us.
Emily dropped her and her head fell off.
Guess the queen of hearts demand came true there when she
shouted "off with her head!".

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Happy Saturday everyone!


Spring is just around the corner!

On my way to work today I noticed some daffodils.
Do you know what that means?
It means spring is just around the corner!
I do love me some daffodils, they are just so bright and cheerful.
Like little specs of sunshine
chasing away the last grey and dullness of winter.

Here's what else I like in spring

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Pancakes anyone?!

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. Better know here in England
as pancake day.

So when the kiddies asked if we could have pancakes
for dinner I naturally obliged.
Who doesn't like a good pancake right.

I thought I would teach them how to
make pancakes and they were all up for that!
They did really well and they didn't spill nearly as
much flour on the floor as I thought they would which is
a good thing!

They had so much fun and were the cutest and best helpers
I ever had!
I did the baking part, but Emily kept a watchful eye...and made
sure she had the first pancake....and about 3 more after that, as did
Dylan leaving me with only ONE!!

They were, as my kids will tell you "Super delicious!"

We'll definitely be doing this again soon!

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