The good, the bad and the ugly

How I feel blah today!
We've all got those days haven't we, where nothing feels
or looks right.
Today is DEFINITELY mine.

But let's just skip that for now and start with
the good.

Dylan had to dress up as a book character for book
week in school and he decided to go as "Where's Wally?".
I think he looked really good, even if I did have to draw the
glasses on myself (I thought they were included in the outfit, but
quite clearly they weren't).
Looking at the picture now he kind of reminds me of one
of those prisoners you see in old black and white movies, hahaha!
He did have a wicked time in school and really enjoyed being
"Wally" for the day.

Yesterday Dylan earned his yellow karate belt. How good is that!
I'm very proud of my little karate kid.
By the way, he's in his sisters room here...just in case you were wondering.

Emily had loads of fun blowing bubbles
the other day. Doesn't she look funky in her disco glasses?!
It was the first really warm day of the year.
First day we could go out without any coats on, so we took
full advantage!
Before blowing bubbles both her and Dylan had been
scooting up and down the road and transforming
our pavement into a chalk masterpiece.
Another good thing is these crisps I'm eating.
Yum yum, cheesy goodness. They are making a bit of a mess
but are SO worth it.

A seriously good thing is the way Simon recovered after his surgery!
He had 18 inches of his colon removed last Monday, and came back
home on Friday! So happy it all went well. He's still taking it all very easy
but I am just amazed at his recovery. He's pretty much looking like himself
again and has the same bed hair as in this photo which was taken over Christmas.

When walking to the postbox earlier I noticed tiny buds on the trees.
Soon they will look like this.
I LOVE it when the trees blossom, so beautiful.
Spring is such a pretty month.

Maybe one more good....I kind of really like the outfit I am wearing in
the photo above, especially the necklace

This photo also takes me straight to

the bad.

photography skills are far from perfect here!
Even the posing in the top photo is awkward, I mean
come on, I was scratching my head!

Moving on.

Ha, talking about moving, we are thinking of moving house
so two weeks ago we found the perfect little family home with
a great kitchen, rooms big enough to fit all our stuff and a big garden
that will fit our trampoline. (the garden we have now doesn't fit
the trampoline. Well it does but then there is no room for ANYTHING
It was all very exciting until we found out the house was
no longer available.
Too bad :(

the ugly.
My hair.
Not a lot to say about that, my mop just isn't 
co operating at all these days.
Next Monday I have a hairdressers appointment....finally!

Hmm, reading back on all this I realise there
is no reason for me to feel blah at all.
There is so much good going on.
I think I'll just smile for the rest of the day
and try not to care (about my drab hair).

Linking up with these fabulous ladies today

Have a happy Tuesday my friends!


Shawn said...

I agree, you have every reason to smile the rest of the day, maybe even the rest of the week!

That sounds like a pretty big surgery, I'm glad he's doing so well.

Thanks for linking up with us today Miss Daisy!

Connie said...

My hair is driving me crazy! I really need a trim but I keep putting it off.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Now I'll be expecting 'after' pictures are your hair appointment next week... ;)

Your kids are so stinkin' ADORABLE! Love the Where's Wally get-up - I thought he was wearing frames until I read that you drew that on...great job! Princess Nagger is doing the book character dress-up on Friday - it's going to be interesting considering she wants to dress up as Scourge from the Warrior Cats books. :)

Yay that your hubby is doing so well after his surgery! That's gotta have you breathing easier - and definitely a reason to smile. ;)

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Stacy Uncorked said...

*after your hair appointment - apparently my keyboard is not keeping up with my fingers... :)

Unknown said...

i know how you feel about drab hair... mine has not been cooperating recently. cannot wait to see yours after your appointment! and your kiddos are absolutely adorable!

Impulsive Addict said...

I think you look great in that picture. You're being too hard on yourself. Look at all the good! Dylan looks ADORABLE and he earned a yellow belt! That's AWESOME! Emily is rocking those glasses and that cute outfit. She's super trendy. And Simon sounds like he's well on the road to recovery from a yucky surgery!

A hair appt always makes me feel better! Good luck next Monday! Thanks for linking up with us! xoxo

Lift Like A Mom said...

If it makes you feel any better, a girl just chopped my hair into a mullet so I have to curl it everyday. It is such a pain in the ass!!!

Okay, that waldo outfit is so cute!