Happy feet

See these lovely red boots,
Today my feet were reacquainted with them.
When we moved nine months ago they were stored in a box.
That box was then offloaded off the removal truck.
Stored in the garage.
And forgotten about.

YES, you read that right,
forgotten about!

Shocking right.

So last night I was sitting in the sofa and dreaming
about a new pair of shoes. I say dreaming because
although I LOVE to spend money on shoes my bank account does not.
Very unfair, I know.
So there I was dreaming when all of a sudden these
boots popped into my head again...
then I panicked because I had no clue where they could be.
Luckily husband was on call and said to check the garage,
which he then did. I hate the garage and avoid going
in there if I can. You can call it garage, I call it the spider grotto.
Two minutes later Simon came out, holding my red boots.
My hero!

I felt very happy wearing them today and it totally felt
like I was wearing new shoes.
Me happy, bank account happy.

I plan on being shoe happy for the next couple of
I have this other pair of boots that I bought
back in September and I've only worn them


Time to break in those bad boys I say!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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