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This morning I went into town with a friend and
we sat down to have a coffee.
My eye fell on a mum and her toddler.
The little girl was hanging onto mums coat and crying,
begging her mommy to pick her up.
Mom was too busy texting a message on her phone and I
overheard her say "Just leave me alone and walk, you've got two legs!"
I felt so sorry for the little one.
All she wanted was her mommy.

It got me thinking...a few years from now that little
girl will be all grown up and not want picking up or cuddles
Mom might want one then.
I wonder how many more special moments she has missed.

It just made me want to go up to school and give my
two a great big hug.
Kids grow up so fast. We should cherish each and every moment
and hug, cuddle and pick them up for as long as they let us.

Forever I hope.

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Megan, said...

Aww that's so sad! I always try and pick up my kids if they need to be held...

Amy said...

I really like this post! When I have kids (can't wait to be a momma one day!) I hope to remember all of these helpful reminders and to cherish the time. Because it moves soo fast!!

Melaina25 said...

Awww. I have friends who said they never kiss their little ones on the lips and it drives me nuts! Blondie Boy gets as many kisses and hugs as he wants. Nothing wrong with cuddling your kids!

Love your spotty top!

Preethi said...

Oh, this story makes my heart ache a little. Makes me want to go wake up my little guy and give him a big hug! :)

And that polka dot top is adorable!

lace, etc.

Erika said...

This is so sad...and true..I have seen it soooo many times!!!Times flys so fast...I cryed the other day when my youngest turned 1..I don't have a little baby anymore...she starts to walk and soon!!

Love this post!Keep them coming!