My weekly running plan: week 1

I've never been much of a runner.
I've never enjoyed it and have never really been
able to run for very long.
After about a minute I'm usually gasping for air and
regretting even starting.

So you'll probably be surprised if  told you 
 I ran 4 times last week.
Yep, four times!
Me and the treadmill are slowly becoming friends.

I've been doing the walking/running method
and am very pleased to say it seems to be
working incredibly well for me.
I'm still gasping for air but am starting to find this whole
running business easier
and more enjoyable.

Here's what I've been doing this first week:

Warm up: 5 minute brisk walk
Minute 1: run
Minute 2: walk
Minutes 3 and 4: run
Minutes 5 and 6: walk
Minutes 7 and 8: run
Minutes 9 and 10: walk
Minutes 11 and 12: run
Minutes 13 and 14: walk
Minutes 15 and 16: run
Minutes 17 and 18: walk
Minutes 19, 20 and 21: run
Cool down: 5 minute brisk walk

It did this every other day, it is VERY
important to give your body a day to rest
and recover.
Those last 3 minutes of running were HARD on me,
especially the first time, but I puffed my way through it!

I also listened to some good tunes, which made
it all a lot easier!

Tuesday I'm shaking my programme up a bit
and starting week 2.
A bit more running, a bit less walking.
It will be hard but I am SURE I can do it.

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Have a happy week everyone!


Barb @ Turtles and Tails said...

I did the Couch to 5K and was surprised it worked. I can now run 10K without stopping! (Though I don't do it often enough.) When I started I could barely run for 3 minutes at a time.

Congratulations and keep going! Every day that you do it is an accomplishment in itself.

MJ said...

I need to start this. I used to do this Boot camp at my gym, and she alsways had us running btwn exercises. I am working out at home, and do miss the running part. What speed do you run at, on the tread mill?

Simply Tatum Adelaid said...

FANTASTIC!! I am not much of a runner either but I decided to do a half marathon in May and training started today. I am so excited to start following your progress. Love the motivation. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Kimberly said...

Way to go! I am trying to run more as well, I'm trying to get to 2 miles without stopping. I've got a long way to go though. Thanks for sharing this running plan. Doesn't it feel good to finish even though you want to stop! Keep it up!
Stopping by from It's a Crafty Life

Daisy said...

I do not run fast at all, think as a beginning runner I couldn't keep it up otherwise. I have noticed that every time I seem to be going a bit faster though. My brisk walk is at speed 3 my run differs between speeds 5 and basically a gentle jog.

Erin said...

Awesome! Running is HARD and you have done so well to keep pushing though it!

Mila de Illusoire said...

Lovely post, I love you blog!:-)
Would you like to follow each other? M.

My blog in english:

Anonymous said...

Love this plan, I've seen something similar to it, but I am always huffing and puffing so bad that I give up. Good for you for pushing through it! You'll be running marathons in no time at all! :-)

Jamie W said...

awesome job! :) remember, it starts with one step. keep up the great work.