Emily's first lost tooth

Yesterday when I picked Emily up from school she had the biggest smile on her face.
As soon as I saw her I could see why...
she had lost her first tooth!
She was soooooo excited. She told me her tooth got stuck in her peanut butter
sandwich and that the teacher had put it in a tiny envelope.
When we came home she ran straight upstairs to get the tooth fairy pillow.
Not surprisingly she got a visit from the tooth fairy last night who had exchanged
her tooth for a shiny coin.
She was very excited that the tooth fairy had paid her a visit, but also a bit sad.
"I wish I could have my tooth back" she sighed.
I told her she'd get a beautiful new tooth instead, a tooth she could keep forever, and
that I could already see it starting to come through.
She has two more teeth that are starting to get wobbly.
I've got a feeling her cute smile will look very different soon.


My boy

Earlier on I walked to to shop and Dylan decided to come with me.
We had a great time together, I don't often get him all to myself and even
Dylan commented on how it was nice to spend some quality time together.
On the way back he asked if he could go ahead a bit.
"Sure" I said, and I watched him skip away, while singing Gangnam Style
and doing crazy hand movements. It was so funny to watch!
I just laughed and then it hit me that these moments won't be lasting much
longer. Even though he's 9 and still that little boy, he wants to grow up desperately.
Soon he won't be skipping anymore and doing crazy jumps and steps...
soon he'll be too cool for that...a teenager.
It's so important to capture these little moments and I'll
be savouring every little one of them.
I sure do love my boy.


Baseball and bubbles

The sun is finally showing it's face here in the UK and the kids are loving
every minute of it, as am I.
Our trampoline is finally getting some attention again and trips to to park are
becoming more and more frequent, yay!
Apparently is going to be really warm a sunny this weekend...I'm definitely
contemplating a picnic somewhere nice, maybe even a BBQ!
Oh I am so ready for sun, this winter has lasted long enough.
We took the kids to the park the other night for some fresh air and even though it was
still a bit nippy they didn't seem to notice.
Dylan loved swinging his bat around and Emily enjoyed blowing giant bubbles.
Happy kiddies make a happy mum.


Happy Easter

We had such a great Easter.
The day started early, earlier than usual, but the kids were just so excited and
couldn't wait to get down. They were so happy the Easter bunny visited us and
were really happy with all the goodies he brought.
Emily had been wanting a Rainbow Dash pony for some time now and she was beyond
happy when she found one in her basket.
Dylan's main gift was a new game he'd been asking for for a while
 and he couldn't wait to play it.
It really was a happy morning for them, but the fun wasn't over yet...
they both discovered an egg with a note inside hidden in their baskets,
 leading them on a crazy egg hunt where they had to
solve clues to eventually find a big chocolate Easter bunny.
They had so much fun and Emily kept screaming that it was the best Easter ever!
We had family over for Easter lunch,
and for dessert we had homemade chocolate cake
and it was