My boy

Earlier on I walked to to shop and Dylan decided to come with me.
We had a great time together, I don't often get him all to myself and even
Dylan commented on how it was nice to spend some quality time together.
On the way back he asked if he could go ahead a bit.
"Sure" I said, and I watched him skip away, while singing Gangnam Style
and doing crazy hand movements. It was so funny to watch!
I just laughed and then it hit me that these moments won't be lasting much
longer. Even though he's 9 and still that little boy, he wants to grow up desperately.
Soon he won't be skipping anymore and doing crazy jumps and steps...
soon he'll be too cool for that...a teenager.
It's so important to capture these little moments and I'll
be savouring every little one of them.
I sure do love my boy.

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