Emily's first lost tooth

Yesterday when I picked Emily up from school she had the biggest smile on her face.
As soon as I saw her I could see why...
she had lost her first tooth!
She was soooooo excited. She told me her tooth got stuck in her peanut butter
sandwich and that the teacher had put it in a tiny envelope.
When we came home she ran straight upstairs to get the tooth fairy pillow.
Not surprisingly she got a visit from the tooth fairy last night who had exchanged
her tooth for a shiny coin.
She was very excited that the tooth fairy had paid her a visit, but also a bit sad.
"I wish I could have my tooth back" she sighed.
I told her she'd get a beautiful new tooth instead, a tooth she could keep forever, and
that I could already see it starting to come through.
She has two more teeth that are starting to get wobbly.
I've got a feeling her cute smile will look very different soon.

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