Chocolate chip cookies

Oh my goodness, I am so excited today about sharing this delicious
recipe with you.
If you are a fan of chocolate chip cookies you will
these bad boys! They are soft and gooey and just fabulous. The more chocolate
you use and the bigger the chunks the better they are I would say,
but then that is coming from the chocoholic that I am.
I have converted many of my friends and  I'm sure they will agree
with me when I say they are not only super delicious but also super easy to make.
Here's what you need:
 250g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
170g unsalted butter, softened or melted
200g dark brown soft sugar
100g caster sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 egg
1 egg yolk
325g chocolate chips
Here's what you do:
Preheat your oven to 170 Celsius (metric system I know, sorry!)
In a bowl cream together the butter, brown sugar and caster sugar until well blended.
Next beat in the vanilla followed by the egg and egg yolk.
 Mix in the flower and bicarbonate of soda until just blended.
 Stir in the chocolate chips using a wooden spoon, as you can see I used two
varieties of chocolate there. The more the better!
Drop tablespoons of the dough onto oven trays lined with baking paper
You should be able to make 16-18 cookies
Bake for 10 to 12 minutes.
The edges should look crispy, the middle still soft.
Let cool on a wire rack.
Enjoy! I love these best when they are still slightly warm.
So there you have it.
I really do hope you'll give these a try.
You'll thank me for it.
Have a great weekend!


Five thoughts and five finds.

I would kill for a hazelnut latte right now.
I'm really thinking of investing in a good coffee maker and buying the
hazelnut syrup so I can make these at home.
I'm sure Starbucks will miss me though...oh well!
My wallet will thank me for it.
My washing doesn't seem to dry and I really don't want
to use the tumble dryer yet. Can't hang it outside because of the rain
and it doesn't get hot enough in the sun room for the clothes to dry
properly. Don't really want to wear damp clothes so in the dryer they go.
I need a haircut. The wet and windy weather is making me
look like a drowned rat. Not a good look for me.
I love that the new season is bringing back old TV favourites.
Downton Abbey, Dexter, Vampire Diaries...can't wait
I've been a Pinterest addict lately. Sometimes I go on there,
just for five minutes and when I look at the clock a whole hour (or more)
has gone by. How!?
I've found some real gems this week, thought I'd share them with you.
Love love love this outfit, would love it even more if it
lived in my wardrobe. Denim dress, I'm on the lookout for you!
With the weather being so blustery I can't think of a better
thing to eat than soup, and this one looks beyond delicious.
Thinking of trying it out this weekend, oh yes I am.
Great colour nail polish, and I love that it sparkles!
Perfect colour for fall. Big want!
This tooth fairy pillow is soooo cute. When we took the kids to the dentist last week
Emily found out she will have two loose teeth very soon. I think she would love
one of these pillows to store her teeth for the tooth fairy.
Wow right! I would love to sit here in a comfy chair, wrapped up in
a blanket and watch the sunrise/set. Heaven.
Have a great day everyone.


Two faves on a Wednesday

I have two of my favourites to show you today.
Two items that I know I will wear A LOT in the next few months
First up
My boots.
top, jeans:Next. cardigan: Forever 21. boots: Simply Be. necklace: New Look
With the weather being so wet here lately I finally
got the big guns out.
My boots that is.
I was really looking forward to wearing these and so far they haven't
Being small and chubby I've always had trouble finding boots that fit my calf,
you see I could never do them up and if I finally did find a pair
they were so tight I couldn't possibly wear them with jeans.
A few weeks back I was browsing Simply Be and came across these
lovelies and guess what...
They come in different calf sizes!
I knew I had to have them.
Comfortable and stylish I just know they'll be my best friends until spring
is upon us again.
Another of my faves is this bubble necklace,
I adore the deep red colour,
I love how versatile it is, I think can pretty much team this up
with any outfit.
 I just happened upon it while
walking around in Canterbury. I'd only ever seen these online before so
thank you New Look for finally selling these (at a VERY affordable price).
So there you have it.
Have you got any favourites you know you'll be wearing all the time?
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My new love.

Hello, nice to see you again.
Let me tell you something...
 I loooooooooove my new scarf!
So much so I used ten o's in love.
That's pretty much A LOT.
What's not to love right!
You know I never used to wear scarves.
I used to wear the snugly warm woolly ones to go out on a cold day, sure
but never as an accessory.
I only discovered how fun they can be last year and since I have gathered quite a collection.
I had been on the lookout for a great multi coloured one in fall colours for quite a while so
you can only imagine how excited I got when I saw this one in the shop (Peacocks).
I love how versatile it is colour wise, I think I will be wearing and remixing this
all fall and winter.
Happy days!
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Oh hello fall...

Well, I think it's official.
Fall has definitely arrived in England with a very
wet and thundery start to the week.
I love fall....rain not so much.
Don't get me wrong, rainy days can be quite cosy.
Imagine watching a great movie, wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of hot
chocolate and some apple pie, while the rain is gently tapping on the windows,
maybe insert a fireplace into that picture as well....heaven.
Having to go out in the rain...not so much heaven!
 I am excited about wearing these later on when I go
and pick the kiddies up from school.
Yay, I looooooove my new boots!!
But back to fall.
Probably my favourite season.
I love all the colours fall brings, I love going for walks in the woods
and feel the crisp air, I love wearing warm snuggly jumpers and soft scarves,
I love the smell of burning fireplaces, I love apple pie and all the seasonal drinks
in the coffee shops (can't wait to try a pumpkin latte!),
I love going to the farm to pick out some pumpkins, I love Halloween, I love
watching the kids play in the leaves, I love making hearty food, I love bonfire night and
 I love decorating for fall.
Browsing Pinterest I came across some great fall decor ideas.
Here are just a few I have in mind.
Who cares if it rains outside when the house is decorated like this right!
Think this might be my project for this week.
Stay tuned as I might post some photo's later on.
Anyways my lovely people,
I think I'm going to snuggle up in the sofa and do exactly what
I described in the beginning of this post (minus the fireplace as we don't have one).
Have a great day!
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Lucky us

We moved into our house in May and a couple of nights after our move
my husband told me he saw a hedgehog in our garden.
 I was so excited about this so the next few nights I was on hedgehog watch,
but I never saw him.
I started to think Simon must have seen something else.
Maybe a cat?
Fast forward three months.
I go to the backdoor to let the cat in and who is eating out of the catbowl?
this little guy!
Yay, the elusive hedgehog does exist!!
We named him (or her) Harry.
But the fun doesn't end there.
Since then Harry has been coming every night to finish off the cat food
AND has also moved into our garden.
He used to come in through an opening under the garden fence but with the
free food presented he must have thought this an ideal place to stay.
His new address is under our garden shed!
He's quite a chubby little one and one night I thought he looked
a bit smaller.
Just me getting used to seeing him?
We actually have TWO!!
Harry and Harriet.
I've been reading about how to best care for them and found out they are
actually endangered animals!
Guess we are very lucky to have two.
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For my friends

Today I miss my friends.
It's funny, last year we all used to live within five minutes of each other and saw
each other every day.
Now we all live in different counties and there are months in between get togethers.
OK, it's not funny at all.
They really are the greatest friends and we always have so much fun,
kinda missing that a lot.
Looking forward to our next get together in a month and a half.
It will be EPIC.


Can't believe she is six already!

Last Saturday this little princess turned six.
A day I didn't get to enjoy with her as I was sick in bed with a stomach bug.
Not fun.
 Simon arranged a whole day of fun for her and she had
a great day.
First they went swimming, then they went to our village fun day and she got
to go on all the rides and buy trinkets from market stalls and after that they
went to a family BBQ.
Luckily I was feeling a bit better the next day and as  a birthday treat
we took her all the way to where we used to live so
she could have a party with all her old school friends.
She loved it!
It was so much fun to see her running around again with all the kiddies
she's known since preschool, and getting to play again
with best friend Ava was the best thing ever for her.
She has really missed all her friends since we moved.
Daddy also surprised Emily and me with a beautiful pair of earrings
Isn't he the best!
I think it's fair to say she had a wonderful birthday weekend!
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Summer memories

Can it possibly be three weeks since my last post?
I guess it can.
Many apologies, I have been so busy enjoying the last days of summer
holidays with the kiddies, getting ready for them to go back to school,
organising TWO birthday parties and having some gastroenteritis, of which
I am still recovering.
I have so much to talk about I don't even know where to start,
so why not let the photo's do the talking.
You ready...
Beach days
Home made play dough
Making funny face cupcakes
Nature walks
Day in Canterbury
Back to school