Can't believe she is six already!

Last Saturday this little princess turned six.
A day I didn't get to enjoy with her as I was sick in bed with a stomach bug.
Not fun.
 Simon arranged a whole day of fun for her and she had
a great day.
First they went swimming, then they went to our village fun day and she got
to go on all the rides and buy trinkets from market stalls and after that they
went to a family BBQ.
Luckily I was feeling a bit better the next day and as  a birthday treat
we took her all the way to where we used to live so
she could have a party with all her old school friends.
She loved it!
It was so much fun to see her running around again with all the kiddies
she's known since preschool, and getting to play again
with best friend Ava was the best thing ever for her.
She has really missed all her friends since we moved.
Daddy also surprised Emily and me with a beautiful pair of earrings
Isn't he the best!
I think it's fair to say she had a wonderful birthday weekend!
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Claire Justine said...

Arr bless,hope your feeling loads better now.Glad to hear she had a great birthday sounds like lots of fun...Thanks for linking up with us have a great weekend :)

~Summer~ said...

Happy birthday! Sure hope you are feeling better now and the earrings look great!

Oh So Amelia said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for linking up at the friday chaos this week

Unknown said...

Hi my lovely,
Thank you so much for taking part in The 'FRIDAY CHAOS' Blog Hop! Hope you had fun...

Following your site =D

Im sorry its late...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you had a fab day

Lotte xoxo