Five thoughts and five finds.

I would kill for a hazelnut latte right now.
I'm really thinking of investing in a good coffee maker and buying the
hazelnut syrup so I can make these at home.
I'm sure Starbucks will miss me though...oh well!
My wallet will thank me for it.
My washing doesn't seem to dry and I really don't want
to use the tumble dryer yet. Can't hang it outside because of the rain
and it doesn't get hot enough in the sun room for the clothes to dry
properly. Don't really want to wear damp clothes so in the dryer they go.
I need a haircut. The wet and windy weather is making me
look like a drowned rat. Not a good look for me.
I love that the new season is bringing back old TV favourites.
Downton Abbey, Dexter, Vampire Diaries...can't wait
I've been a Pinterest addict lately. Sometimes I go on there,
just for five minutes and when I look at the clock a whole hour (or more)
has gone by. How!?
I've found some real gems this week, thought I'd share them with you.
Love love love this outfit, would love it even more if it
lived in my wardrobe. Denim dress, I'm on the lookout for you!
With the weather being so blustery I can't think of a better
thing to eat than soup, and this one looks beyond delicious.
Thinking of trying it out this weekend, oh yes I am.
Great colour nail polish, and I love that it sparkles!
Perfect colour for fall. Big want!
This tooth fairy pillow is soooo cute. When we took the kids to the dentist last week
Emily found out she will have two loose teeth very soon. I think she would love
one of these pillows to store her teeth for the tooth fairy.
Wow right! I would love to sit here in a comfy chair, wrapped up in
a blanket and watch the sunrise/set. Heaven.
Have a great day everyone.


Mary @ A Happy Wife In NOLA said...

Oh my goodness! That outfit is perfect and the mushroom soup looks heavenly! Don't you just love pinterest?!? :)
xo, Mary @

Julia P F said...

I avoid pinterest and her siren sing for exactly that reason! Love the dark nail polish. I'm so so glad it's fall (even though I have my AC on) and I can wear it again!

Angela said...

Oooo great pintrest finds!!! I loooove hazelnut lattes. when I'm being cheap I order a house coffee with extra creamer and hazelnut syrup...that way u only pay the price of a regular coffee w/ syrup :) I'm so sneaky. this was a great fall post :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

I do the same thing with pinterest, but I usually start at like 10:30 and tell myself I'm just going to look for a few minutes then go to bed... yeah right I usually end up in bed by midnight.

I just got caught up on Vampire Diaries last season. Ugghh I can't wait!!!

Jillian Carreira said...

Normally I do not like to paint my finger nails because they wash too easily... but that color will definitely make me change my mind. Plus the picture of the jetty is beautiful considering I am from the Caribbean and those fall colors are seldom seen.
I am following you now and would appreciate a follow back.

Anonymous said...

I want that outfit more than anything in the world right about now! looks soooo comfy, and fall-y!

I am totally with you on "make your own coffee" train. I literally could probably pay for my unborn child's college tution at this point!

love your blog my dear!

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

Can I just say that the outfit you posted is exactly my kinda style? Now I just need a bigger budget and a place to wear it :)

I'd kill for a pumpkin spice latte right now too--esp since it's cold and dreary and raining today where I am.

Anyway-I'm your newest follower from the Friday Chaos hop! Would love for you to stop by :)

Claire Justine said...

Love the outfit and the nails are wonderful :)

Brittany said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the nail polish color!! I'm following back!