Fun in the park

We took the kids to the park which they really enjoy and were surprised by all
the snow bells that are in bloom.
Emily tried to count them at first but soon lost track...I don't blame her, there
 must have been thousands of them!
It made our walk feel really magical, like walking through an enchanted forest.
As usual we stopped at the play park and the kids headed straight
for the roundabout, I don't know how they can stay on there for so long,
just watching them makes me dizzy!
They love it though.

After they had a little play we walked up to the small waterfall.
Dylan and Emily always have competitions to see who's stick or leaf will
float down the fastest, it always brings a smile to their faces...and mine.

Soon it got too cold so we started heading back to warm up in the cafe.
Emily tried to count the snow bells again.


Playing ball

For his birthday Dylan got a baseball bat, baseball and glove from his auntie,
uncle and grandad. It's something he's been so excited about and he has been
asking to go to the park to play ever since.
Last weekend we finally had a dry day so off to the park we went.
I loved watching him, he had so much fun.
Waiting for the ball...
There it is...
Next Dylan tried his hand at throwing the ball
Dylan really enjoyed himself and can't wait for the weather to finally get better so
he can go to the park everyday to play ball.
Spring, please hurry up!


Snow snow snow

A couple of weeks ago we woke up to snow, lots of snow!
Luckily it was weekend so the kids could play out all day...which they pretty much did.
They barely had time for breakfast and rushed out as fast as they could.
After throwing some snowballs at each other they asked if we could get
the sleighs out and go up to the hill.
It was so much fun to see them sledding down.
They had a few races down and soon were joined by some of their friends.
After about one hundreds sleigh rides down we pulled them back home
for hot chocolate.
Later on they were joined by their cousins and we went to the hill again, which had
become the place to be that day.

In the evening we met up with our neighbours.
Simon had made a big seat out of snow and we all sat around drinking
hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows and watching the kids have fun.
Dylan even got buried in the snow and loved it!

It was such a fun day!