Very Glee

Dress:Primark. Cardigan: Next. Shoes: New Look

Yesterday I went shopping with some friends.
Apart from buying some socks and summer tops for the kids
I wasn't going to buy ANYTHING!

Until I saw this pretty dress that was.

I tried it on for fun thinking it wasn't going to fit me anyway
that way I could walk away knowing the dress wasn't right for me.

So yeah, that didn't work and the dress ended up in my basket!
My friend says it makes me look very Glee.

I love Glee.

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Have a great Wednesday my friends


Downton Abbey style

Remember when I showed you this dress a couple of weeks ago?
I finally got to wear it.
We went to a murder mystery party on Saturday and we had to be dressed
up Downton Abbey style.
What do you think, could I pass for a Downton lady?

I styled my hair in a bun, something I don't do often enough
apparently as everybody kept commenting on how I should
wear it up more.

I just have to thank my husband here for not telling me my bra straps
were showing!
I love the earrings, my friend lend them to me. They really suited
the theme.

The evening was a blast.
We had a really nice meal and meanwhile had to figure out
who had murdered our host.
There were some actors we had to mingle with and collect clues.
It wasn't easy but we did solve the mystery
and caught the murderer.

Great fun!

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Have a great Tuesday!


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Top, cardigan, trousers, shoes: Next. Necklace: Avon

When the weather is nice we tend to venture to the seaside.
The kiddies love it when we go there after school!
We usually take a gentle stroll along the promenade and then
go down to the playground by the beach.

Yesterday we did just that.
They played for about an hour and then we went
for fish and chips
oh, and ice cream for dessert.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Have a great day my friends.



Jeans, cardigan, top, shoes: Next. Necklace: gift

I am bursting with pride.

Last night was Emily's parent teacher meeting and it couldn't
have gone any better!
I know Emily is really good at reading and writing, but her teacher said she is
She just soaks up all the information an is so eager to learn.
Miss Dibden said there is not much more she can do before going in to
year 1 territory (which is not really allowed)
she is thinking of putting Emily on the
How amazing is that.
I was a bit speechless after she mentioned that.
My girl is such a superstar and I am so so proud of her!
Emily's top: H&M. Necklace: Tesco

Have a great day everyone.
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Blame it on The Hunger Games

I haven't been on my blog in nearly a week!
Shocking right.
I was in fact in another world, transported to Panem and taking part
in the Hunger Games.
The kids gave me the books as an early mother's day present and
I haven't been able to stop reading ever since.
Reason I got them early is because I really wanted
to read them before seeing the movie.
I LOVE them....and my amazing kiddies (and husband) for
getting them for me.

But let's recap what else has happened.

On Wednesday me and my friends were in the audience
for a TV show called Celebrity Juice.
The recording lasted about three hours but that then
got compressed into 45 minutes for the TV show.
I know most of you might not know Celebrity Juice.
It's a panel show hosted by Keith Lemon and it
contains a lot of adult humour.
Each week different celebs take part, one of them
this week being Mel B (Scary Spice)
Here is a clip that was taken the night we were there
You might not want to watch if you are easily offended

And here's me and my friends after the show, in front
of the girly bedroom!

On Saturday we went to a family BBQ which was loads of fun.
Nice to catch up with everyone again and to see
the kiddies playing with their cousins.

Sunday was mothers day and my babies really treated me!
They brought me breakfast in bed and showered me with
So on top of The Hunger Games books I got all of this

oh, and a pair of red wedges!

We went out for ice cream, desserts and hot chocolate in
the afternoon.
It was the perfect day.

Today wasn't so perfect.
Remember the big spider I was talking about last Tuesday... was back today!!!!
I pulled out my black top it was on last week (my friend had checked it
and everything) and as I was putting it over my head something
landed on my foot.
I had a full blown panic attack, sprayed about a bottle of
hairspray on it and then Dylan put a cereal bowl over it.
Every muscle in my body is hurting now from straining and my
voice is hoarse from the noises I made
the spider is gone.

All is can say is PHEW
and I am so exhausted now I might just fall asleep.

Hope you all have a good week

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Jeans, top, cardigan, necklace: Next

Yesterday was one of those days were the weather surprises you.
You know, misty in the mornings, dewdrops on the grass and
then the sun breaks through along with spring.
How lovely it was to walk out without having to wear a coat,
to be able to wear flats and not have cold feet and to feel the
sun on my face.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I opened
the curtains this morning and was greeted by a cold, dull grey day.
The coral spring outfit I had planned to wear was
put back in the wardrobe and out came
my black jeans and boots.
Sometimes you just have to adjust.

Have a great Wednesday my friends!


The day my friends husband shook my bra!

Today my blog post will be an abundance of cute fluffy animals.
I need to do this to block out the vision that's haunting me
of the
that was in my bathroom this morning.

I HATE spiders and am terrified of them

How dare it reside on my black top that I left on top of the
hamper last night!
I mean seriously, and this on a morning that hubby isn't home.
It wasn't just any spider either, it was one of those ones
that has a double body, eeeeeeek!
Emily was still sleeping so I could stop myself from screaming,
but I had to leave the bathroom FAST.
I just grabbed my make up bag, hair dryer and cardigan and closed the door
behind me as fast as I could.

About an hour later my friends arrived (we live right near the school
and they usually park their car on our drive and we then walk the kiddies
to school). My friend's husband went up to catch the beast but
of course couldn't find it anywhere!
He even shook my top and bra that were on the hamper!
Woohoo! (it just happens
to be his birthday today, what a treat to shake my bra)

Anyway, spider has gone back to his hidey hole....somewhere.
I don't know if I will be able to relax in there for the
next few days, or put the kids in the bath.
Just wish I would have had the guts to do something.
Hairspray it, or put a cup over it or hoover it up or smash it
or something!

I would love to know how to deal with spiders while being terrified.
Any hint and tips always welcome.

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Have a great spider free day everyone!

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Fruit fruit fruit!

The weather has been so nice lately and I don't know about you,
but when the sun shines I'm so much more likely to eat yummy fresh
It's so healthy and full of goodness.
I've got a bowl full of different fruits in my kitchen.

Grapefruits, apples, satsumas, bananas, mango, kiwis, avocados, lemon
I've got blueberries, grapes and a cantaloupe melon in the fridge.

I offer my kids fruit every day, they have two pieces of fruit
in their lunchboxes, have a fruit snack in the afternoon and most days
have fruit salad for bedtime snack.
Sometimes the fruit I've put in the lunchboxes comes back...
because eating a piece of fruit by itself is boring.
(according to my oldest)
Boring, can you believe it!
Let's have a look at how we can make eating fruit FUN.

Mmmmm, looks good!

Think I might have one of these later.

Cute idea for serving melon balls

How cute are these strawberry fruit cups, my kids would
go crazy for them!

Great idea!

ideal healthy snack for a kids party.

Fruit pops, perfect healthy snack on a hot day.

Most awesome idea ever!!
All images can be found on my Pinterest board

I think most of these would be winners in my house.
Thinking of making the fruit cones for after school snack today.
Sure they won't find it boring at all.

I'm still on track with my running plan as well, in case you were wondering,
although not much has changed from last week.

Have a happy, healthy week my friends!

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