Tuesday randoms!


I came across this poster earlier and found it too funny not to share!
And since this is going to be a post about random things I might as
well start with a random poster.
My cat loves it when I give her food with my grabby things,
she's only keen on the thing where naggy sounds come from
when those sounds aren't too loud and as for the trampoline...
she tried once and never dared again I think.
Cats eh, they think they own us!

Speaking about cats, my cat is such a messy eater and totally
disgusted with the "cheap food" I bought her yesterday.
There is spillage all around her food bowl, it makes the kitchen
look so messy and where I've been out all morning, I haven't had
the time to do much tidying. Dishes are still out, iron needs to be
put away, crumbs on floor need to be swept, etc.
I was going to take a photo but thought NO, I'm not
going to put a photo of my messy kitchen on I
googled....and this is what came up
Imagine if you needed to find a teaspoon.
Unbelievable how people can let their house get like that.
It makes me less guilty of my kitchen now Ive seen that that's for sure!

Another thing I wanted to share today is the gorgeous dress
I bought yesterday
In a couple of weeks time I have to go to a Downton Abbey
murder mystery party and we all have to dress up.
I'm sooooo excited about this and can't wait to try this dress on.
My friend has lend me the most beautiful Victorian looking earrings,
I'm so lucky!

You know who else is lucky?
My son Dylan.
He got a game's voucher for a present and we took
him to the game shop and when we took his chosen
game to the till the price that came up when the guy scanned it was
98 pence!
They 'd forgotten to price it so had no choice as to give it
to him for 98 pence. Lucky Dylan.
He ended up choosing another game on top and walked out with
two games for the price of one!

I was going through some old movies
this weekend and found this cute video of Emily.
Two years ago there was a fashion show at Dylan's school and
Emily decided to get up on the catwalk and do her bit
She was not even part of the fashion show but she was so cute

She also tried my wedding dress on on Friday when it was our
10th anniversary

Since I started with a random photo I might as well end with one!


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Have a super duper day everyone!


Stacy Uncorked said...

That cat poster is hilarious - and so true!!

Our cats are picky eaters, too.

That kitchen is SCARY! I've never understood how people can live like that...

That dress is GORGEOUS! Where's the picture of you wearing it? ;) Sounds like the murder mystery party you're going to is going to be so much fun! I'm looking forward to reading all about it. :)

Your son scored on his game purchases!

That video of Emily had me laughing so hard! And she's adorable in your wedding dress (Happy Anniversary, by the way!)

Being Warrior Cat Scourge, Diamond Candle Obsession, Wine-Opoly and Chocolate Fun

Connie said...

I want to go to a Murder Mystery Party so bad! That dress is awesome.

PLEASE turn off your word verification! I'm on my 4th attempt to get it right.

Daisy said...

Thanks, still have to wear the dress, the party is in 2 weeks time. I will definitely post some photos of that.

Shawn said...

That house just curbed my absolutely disgusting!

Your girl on the cat walk was awesome! What a great MC to get to her level and not seem bothered by her!

That dress is amazing, I want to see you in it please! Have fun at the party, I'm a bit jealous!

Thanks for linking up with us and for sharing that video, your husbands laugh (I'm assuming) is contagious!

I am Harriet said...

You gotta wonder how many people really have kitchens like that one.

Have a great Tuesday!

Amy said...

Both of those pictures are sooo funny! And I can't wait to hear about your Murder Mystery party! I think we're gonna have one in April, so I'll have to take down some pointers! Happy Tuesday :)

Amy said...

Both of those pictures are sooo funny! And I can't wait to hear about your Murder Mystery party! I think we're gonna have one in April, so I'll have to take down some pointers! Happy Tuesday :)

Impulsive Addict said...

She was sooo cute on the catwalk. She got shy for a minute!

Can I just say that the picture you posted of that kitchen is disgusting. It made me almost lose my lunch. Seriously. And I realize that some people live like that and It just makes me sad.

I love that she tried on your wedding dress. I'll have to do that in November for my 10 year with Emma wearing mine. I still LOVE my dress.

Thanks for linking up with us!!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Ha ha LOVE that cat picture. SO SO FUNNY!