Hanging out with the celebs...

I was going through some old photo's, and with old I mean the ones from
last summer. I just wanted to share a few that we took on our
London day trip.
It was such a great day, we visited the London eye, went on a big red bus,
went on a Thames cruise and did some sightseeing.
We also visited Madame Tussaud's and hung out with some celebrities...
(after the hulk let me go that was!)

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry potter.
Don't you just love how Dylan is trying to hold his hand!

Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen
Me: oh look kids, it's Edward from Twilight, let's have a photo with him,
he's a vampire.
Dylan: Eeeek, no I don't want to stand next to a vampire!!
(mental note: do NOT wear those trousers again, they are way too baggy!)

They did stand next to him in the end...Dylan still wasn't too sure though.

George Clooney was telling us a very interesting story.

John Travolta and Simon, best buds!

Dylan and our prime minister. As you can tell Dylan wasn't amused.

Did you know the Beckhams have a new son!

Oh hello Brad!

Shrek...and the Ginger bread man, Dylan loved leaning
against his big belly!

My boys wishing they could be Wolverine

Hmmm, the invisible woman doesn't look too impressed!

We have of course many many more photo's.
I'll share some more another day.

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!


Impulsive Addict said...

I see your hubby's a boob man! That's funny!

I LOVE Brad. I hate Skankalina. He needs to be with Jennifer. End of story.

I went to a wax museum once. I blogged about being on Oprah and posted a pic. People fell for that trick!

I love that your little guy is holding hands with everyone! Too cute!!

Amy said...

All of these photos look so great! You have a very lovely family :) I want to go to a wax museum sometime, it looks like fun! Also, this is very random, but I feel like I need to know so that I can read your blog posts in the right voice. Do you have an accent? I think you should do a vlog! Haha. Happy Friday!!

Taylor Morgan said...

Neat pics! Although I DO think wax people are kind of creepy, lol. They are so real, but with just a slight hint of fake. It's just creepy! haha


Athena said...

I found you via the Sunday Social. I love this celebrity post as I am sitting here watching Celebrity Apprentice and Lou Ferrigno. I am stopping by from TheStuffofSuccess and I am your newest follower. Thanks and have a great week. Athena

Witha said...

I love your photos! Your entry made me smile :D I'm your new follower. I'd love if you can follow be too

Witha @