A little poem for my blog

linking up with the fabulous Erin of Living in Yellow

My dear little blog,
You were born on a day in December
I was not expecting you or so it seems
but I started telling you all these stories
lovely memories, hopes and dreams.

You are still a tiny baby
but I promise you'll grow strong
I will adorn you with lots of photo's
and many stories short or long.

Together we will learn,
become more confident and grand
Maybe make some new friends
In this big place we call blog land

Some lovely people have already joined us,
I guess they love you too
Maybe soon we'll have a party
and a giveaway or two.

My lovely blog, being a blog mommy is all
still so new to me but I promise I will figure it all out
Maybe take you shopping for a button
and a groovy new layout.

I've got so much more I want to share
so many more ideas in my head
I even find myself thinking of you
when I'm lying in my bed

I promise to be kind to you
and treat you with respect
you are my baby after all
and that's what you expect

One day when you are older
we'll look back at this and smile
and maybe we can have a laugh
at my silly rhyming style

That's it for now my little blog
I hope you like this post
it's just for you, with all my heart
your mommy loves you the most

kiss kiss


Lexi said...

haha this is great!
♡ Lexi
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Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) said...

Ah, your poem is so sweet! Thanks for your lovely comments & for following my blog, following you back. Hope to hear from you again :)