Blame it on The Hunger Games

I haven't been on my blog in nearly a week!
Shocking right.
I was in fact in another world, transported to Panem and taking part
in the Hunger Games.
The kids gave me the books as an early mother's day present and
I haven't been able to stop reading ever since.
Reason I got them early is because I really wanted
to read them before seeing the movie.
I LOVE them....and my amazing kiddies (and husband) for
getting them for me.

But let's recap what else has happened.

On Wednesday me and my friends were in the audience
for a TV show called Celebrity Juice.
The recording lasted about three hours but that then
got compressed into 45 minutes for the TV show.
I know most of you might not know Celebrity Juice.
It's a panel show hosted by Keith Lemon and it
contains a lot of adult humour.
Each week different celebs take part, one of them
this week being Mel B (Scary Spice)
Here is a clip that was taken the night we were there
You might not want to watch if you are easily offended

And here's me and my friends after the show, in front
of the girly bedroom!

On Saturday we went to a family BBQ which was loads of fun.
Nice to catch up with everyone again and to see
the kiddies playing with their cousins.

Sunday was mothers day and my babies really treated me!
They brought me breakfast in bed and showered me with
So on top of The Hunger Games books I got all of this

oh, and a pair of red wedges!

We went out for ice cream, desserts and hot chocolate in
the afternoon.
It was the perfect day.

Today wasn't so perfect.
Remember the big spider I was talking about last Tuesday... was back today!!!!
I pulled out my black top it was on last week (my friend had checked it
and everything) and as I was putting it over my head something
landed on my foot.
I had a full blown panic attack, sprayed about a bottle of
hairspray on it and then Dylan put a cereal bowl over it.
Every muscle in my body is hurting now from straining and my
voice is hoarse from the noises I made
the spider is gone.

All is can say is PHEW
and I am so exhausted now I might just fall asleep.

Hope you all have a good week

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Impulsive Addict said...

Isn't the Hunger Games series good??? I have tickets to see the midnight showing on Thursday! I can not WAIT!!!

Sunday was Mothers Day? Where are you--Canada? Just curious. I guess I assumed you were in the states. I'm glad you had a great Mothers Day!!

I love the last picture. It's a good one!!! Thanks for linking up!!

I am Harriet said...

I'm like the only person not watching it seems.

Have a great Tuesday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I just bought the first Hunger Games book since Princess Nagger really wants to read it (but I think she's too young at 9) so I plan to read it to see if she can 'handle' it. ;) I keep hearing all over how awesome the series is - and I'm curious to see the movie, too. :)

Wait...Mother's Day was Sunday? Where are you? We have to wait until May 13th here...

That spider was relentless!! Glad you finally can rest easy you won't be bothered again... ;)

Groundhog Hypothesis, Menopausal Mother Nature, Truancy and the Phone Princess

Carries Rambles said...

I didn't think I was going to like the Hunger Games but I gave in and started the first book and I was hooked in no time!

Happy MOthers day! Looks like it was a great one for you

Shawn said...

I absolutely love the Hinger Games trilogy. I have my tickets for the 12:01am showing Friday, the entire family is going. I'm so excited!

That video is HYSTERICAL, I'm dying!

You're the second person toady to talk about spiders, I'm starting to itch!

Mothers Day? Obvioulsy wherever you are we have different calendars...happy belated Mothers Day!

Thanks for linking up with us and for the laugh, I think I need to watch that video again!