Am I a princess?

Top, cardigan, jeans, boots: Next. Scarf: market stall. Hairpin: WontonMommy

I really really don't like this cardigan.
I like the colour but other than that
it's too short, the sleeves are too long and there is just
NO shape to it.
Doesn't help that I'm wearing a top with frilly shoulder pads
underneath....but until I find another cardigan
in this colour I will keep wearing it.

Also I don't mind as much since one of the
kiddies in school asked
Miss, are you a princess?

Biggest compliment ever!
I am assuming this little girl thinks princesses are beautiful.
To be honest I think it had to do with the way I styled my hair.
A few other kids came up and said my hair looked pretty today.
You see I'd put a little braid in it.
Little girls LOVE braids.

As soon as I came home from work I asked my husband
to take a picture of my princess hairstyle!
Doesn't look very special to me but then I am not a
seven year old girl.
I love the little hair clip. It came as a gift when I ordered
a necklace from WontonMommy.
It's really sweet.

So here are some more hairdo's I might try out soon

all images can be found on my pinterest "lovely locks" board

Someones feeling adventurous don't you think.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone.


Amy said...

Love the outfit, and your hair! I need to try and do cuter hairstyles, I swear it can make an outfit 10x better. You do look like a princess :)

Unknown said...

your hair looks lovely! i need to start mixing up my ponytail with braids and cute clips :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Oh, my gosh, love this outfit. yes, you are princess!

christine donee said...

pinterest is the. best.