Let's ditch the belt and read some childrens books!

cardigan: Next. Top: Monsoon. Jeans: Next. Shoes: New look

I'm so glad I took a photo of this outfit.
It looked really good in the mirror...not so good now.
Belt is way too brown to go with the blue's of the cardigan
and top (and yes, the cardi is dark blue, not black).
Think I might ditch the belt for the rest of the day.


Today my little one is not feeling too well so I've kept her
home from school.
At the moment she's upstairs, I did ask her if she wanted to come down
and lay and the sofa but she didn't want to, this means she's really not well.
I think I might go up and read her some of her favourite stories.
These days she loves
the gruffalo
If you've got kids and haven't got this book I would so
recommend you get it. It's a brilliant and very clever story.

Another book, or series of books, she's really into is
Charlie and Lola
These books are just adorable. Even I love each and
every story there is. We've also got the TV series
and again I would definitely recommend!
(both books and cartoons)

Speaking about books I love.
I have been giving my husband hints about getting me
the hunger games
for mothers day (18th march here in England).
Let's hope my hints work.
I've heard the movie is being released soon and I would
love to read the books first.
I've been hearing so many good things about this trilogy.

If you have a spare minute can I ask you to check the lovely
Cori's blog
She has an important message, well worthy of sharing.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!

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Bethany said...

Love the belt…you look fantastic!

Bethany said...
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Bethany said...

Love the belt…you look fantastic!

Preethi said...

I actually really like how it looks with the belt. I say keep it! Following you now. :)

lace, etc.

cate @ wild ruffle said...

I think the belt looks great!

Sorry to hear about your sick little one. We love those Charlie and Lola books too - but we don't have the Gruffalo yet. I'll have to look into that one! And yes - read the Hunger Games!! Sooo good.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I think you look great. You saw what mine looked like.

Anonymous said...

Haha a cardigan with a belt is my go-to! You look great :)

Amy said...

I think you look awesome! I love all the colors. And I just really love your hair! It always looks so pretty. And I really want to read The Hunger Games too! If you get them, you'll have to let me know what you think!

Megan, said...

i love how you belted this! so cute.

Jennifer said...

The Gruffalo is a great story! It was made into a short animated film..we saw it at a film festival last year and it was great! Your kids would probably love it:)

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