Lunch was gooooood!

Oh yes I did enjoy my lunch today.
I had some leftover green salad from yesterday and added some carrots,
radishes and a some salmon in a mayo dressing.
It tasted soooo good!
I also had a slice of sunflower bread.

Now just in case you are wondering about last night's

It was gooooood, and as you can see I really did limit my portion.
That is a small plate, I promise.

To help me keep on track of what I eat I am using My Fitness Pal
It is so easy (and completely free) and has helped me out so much already.
One thing I do need to keep an eye on is
I need to drink a whole lot more of it.

Another thing I need to
think about is our weekend trip (yep, we are going away for
the weekend ladies and gents!).
 I don't want to undo all the hard work I've done so far.
I plan on packing a bag full of healthy goodies to keep me on track,
but more on that tomorrow.

Oh, and I've also made a tracker

This should let me know exactly where I am and hopefully
motivate me a bit on hard days.

Now, where's that glass of water!



Back to healthy eating I go

I love the summery weather we are having these days.
I love that I can wear skirts, dresses, shorts and sleeveless tops.
Maybe I shouldn't.

The summery weather made me realise I forgot all about the good
intentions I made at the beginning of the year, especially the one
about losing weight.

Dresses I had bought in the beginning of the year with the intention of
fitting into them are a bit too tight and let's not even talk about the white
cropped pants I bought that I can't even fit into.
What a disappointment.


What better time to change my ways and get back on the healthy waggon.
I weighed myself Monday morning and have been eating healthy ever since.
Let's hope there will be some change in the numbers on the weighing scale next Monday.

This morning started out with an Oat so Simple, raspberry and pomegranate flavour, yummy.
I added some frozen fruits and have to say it was very delicious.

Lunch consisted of a tomato soup and some crackers with
cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes.
Not bad at all.

For dinner tonight I'm making a healthy meatball pasta.
Do you hear alarm bells ringing? Pasta and meatballs?!
I know.
I plan to have a big salad and limit my usual big portion of pasta AND meatballs.
The thing is that I am not just cooking dinner for myself but also for my husband and
two young kiddies. Don't think they'd be impressed if I would give them
a bowl of salad every day.
family friendly meals it is but with a healthy twist.

Exercise is another thing I need to get back into.
Time to start my running plan up again
and I'm off to do that right now.
Time to get sweaty.

Have a great Wednesday my friends!



Colourfull beach huts

This morning we took the kids for a walk on the beach and we
came across these cute pastel coloured beach huts.
I just love them!

Also, since I was wearing my coral pants I thought it was a perfect
picture opportunity.
Don't mind the hair, it was quite windy.

The kids were really excited as we told them they could
go in the water if they wanted.
Now even though it has been nice and hot here for a couple of days
the water is still FREEZING.
Didn't stop them!

Anyway my dears I'm off to enjoy some more glorious sunshine
Have yourself a great weekend!




Another year older

So yesterday was my birthday!
What a lovely day it was.
Weather wise the sun decided to come out and party as well,
about time I would say.

The day started with blueberry pancakes, chocolate croissants,
balloons and presents.
What a great way to wake up.

Want to know what my presents were...
I'll show you.

Top, trousers,bracelet: Next. Sunnies: Esprit. Shoes: Primark

Some much needed new white linen pants, can't go wrong with them,
yellow shoes which I've wanted FOREVER and gorgeous new bracelet.
The top was a present from my wonderful friends.

Yep, they sure know how to spoil a girl.

The day proceeded with some much needed sitting in the sun and
a surprise party in the evening
with chocolate cake, yum!

I think it's fair to say I had an AMAZING day.



Top, cardigan, jeans: Next. Shoes: New look

I have hardly worn this blue top.
I think I bought it about a year and a half ago, wore it once and then
pushed it to the back of my wardrobe.
When we were packing up for the move I was re-acquainted with it and decided
to wear it again as soon as possible, paired with a blue cardigan.
I think the reason I haven't worn it is because it's sleeveless,
and I really don't have the right arms to go sleeveless.
Serious case of bingo wings and general flabbiness if you know what I mean.
So glad I decided to wear this again!

You know what else I'm glad about?
It's Friday....weekend...yay!

We haven't really made plans yet but if the weather stays nice
there will be some walking along the beach, maybe some fossil hunting and perhaps
even a BBQ.
Oh, and cake...there has to be cake.

Have a great weekend my friends!




Mellow yellow

Near where we live is this amazing yellow field.
Very worthy of sharing I thought.

Just brightens up the place don't you think?



It's oh so quiet

Jeans, top, shoes: Next

We have finally unpacked all the boxes and everything has found a space in the new house.
Phew, it was quite a job.
This house is a little bit smaller so we had to shift some furniture around, find new
places for a few nick nacks and store some picture frames in a safe place
it is finally done!
I can now start enjoying the house and getting to know the neighbourhood.

Want to know what else is sorted?
The kids are finally back in school, yesssss!
Even though it was nice to have them home for two weeks it is a lot nicer
when you are not trying to decorate a house.
I can pretend I liked having them make a mess in their room five minutes
after I finished unpacking and sorting in there...
but I didn't really!

Emily is a champion at that (something she definitely got from her dad!).
She'll be playing upstairs for like five minutes but in that time she'll make
it look like a whirlwind passed through there.

Anyway, here I my little urchins ready for their first day in the new school,
in the new school uniform.

Say " new school!"

I'm sure they will have fantastic time and I can't wait to hear all about it.
In the meantime I'm off to enjoy the first quiet day in two weeks!

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A few new things around here

Today we finally moved into our new house.
It's been a day of unpacking boxes and moving furniture around
I am exhausted.
I am actually wishing I had Mary Poppins's powers,
you know where she sings the spoon full of sugar song and the
house tidies itself.
Could really do with some of that!

Tomorrow will be another day of unpacking but
I am hoping to be finished by midday and then I will
hopefully not have to look a removal box for a VERY long time.

What else is new?

Did you notice my wonderful new blog design!
Melissa from Cherry on top shoppe redesigned it for me and I think
she did an AMAZING job!

Seriously, if you are thinking of having some changes done
I couldn't recommend her more.
She took my idea and turned it into this little masterpiece,
I couldn't be happier!



An afternoon at the park

It's been a week now since we moved and we are still waiting for
the kids to get a new school. What a nightmare, never thought it would be such a
long process for them to change schools.
To keep them entertained we took them to the country park for an afternoon.
First stop was the playground of course.
They did a bit of climbing, a bit of swinging and some sliding.
Needless to say they absolutely love it there.

When they were all played out we went for a walk around the lake.
The lake is just beautiful and alongside it runs a small river with
lots of bridges and waterfalls.
 My kids can't get over a bridge without playing pooh sticks.
 You ever played this?
You each drop a stick one side of the bridge and whoevers stick
is first on the other side is the winner.
Great game.

First task was to find a suitable stick of course.

Notice how Emily's stick resembles a log next to mine and Dylan's stick!
I'm guessing she was hoping to win.

No such luck for Emily though, Dylan was the clear winner this time.
We were hoping to see some ducklings but I'm guessing the were all
hiding with their mommy ducks.
All the daddy ducks were showing off and begging for bread.
Do ducks beg, is there even such a thing?

When we came to a throne cut out of a log the kids thought
they were in Narnia. Surely this was made for their kings and queens.

Such royalty!

Further along the way was another little stream where Emily
wanted to look for some precious rocks.
She just loves collecting them, every time we go for a walk she collects
about a pocket full of them.

Rocks found, mission accomplished.
By then it had started to rain which made the forest smell so nice.
I love nature scents like that.
So off home we went.
We had a brilliant afternoon.

Go and have yourself a brilliant afternoon as well
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Let there be cake!

Last night we made a cake,
the BEST cake ever!
I didn't really want to share all this goodness...

Turns out I wasn't the only one who loved this cake.

Want to make one of your own?
Here's the recipe

Ok, I know some of you might have to do some measurement conversions
but trust me this cake is so worth it!
400g sugar
                                                                 400g softened butter
400g self raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon milk
8 eggs
100g cocoa powder
whipping cream
tined cherries in syrup
flake chocolates

preheat oven to 170 Celsius
mix together the sugar and butter
add the eggs and milk
add flour, baking powder and cocoa powder
mix well
pour into a baking tin and bake for about an hour

let cake cool
cut into three layers
thicken the cherry syrup with some corn flour
and spoon some onto each layer
add cream and cherries
decorate the top with more cream and strawberries
sprinkle with crushed flakes.

Hide, eat all by yourself and enjoy!