Lunch was gooooood!

Oh yes I did enjoy my lunch today.
I had some leftover green salad from yesterday and added some carrots,
radishes and a some salmon in a mayo dressing.
It tasted soooo good!
I also had a slice of sunflower bread.

Now just in case you are wondering about last night's

It was gooooood, and as you can see I really did limit my portion.
That is a small plate, I promise.

To help me keep on track of what I eat I am using My Fitness Pal
It is so easy (and completely free) and has helped me out so much already.
One thing I do need to keep an eye on is
I need to drink a whole lot more of it.

Another thing I need to
think about is our weekend trip (yep, we are going away for
the weekend ladies and gents!).
 I don't want to undo all the hard work I've done so far.
I plan on packing a bag full of healthy goodies to keep me on track,
but more on that tomorrow.

Oh, and I've also made a tracker

This should let me know exactly where I am and hopefully
motivate me a bit on hard days.

Now, where's that glass of water!



Amy said...

You look so pretty in that picture! And this is really motivating me to pick it up on my healthy eating. I need that motivation!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Dang that looks SO tasty! :)