Top, cardigan, jeans: Next. Shoes: New look

I have hardly worn this blue top.
I think I bought it about a year and a half ago, wore it once and then
pushed it to the back of my wardrobe.
When we were packing up for the move I was re-acquainted with it and decided
to wear it again as soon as possible, paired with a blue cardigan.
I think the reason I haven't worn it is because it's sleeveless,
and I really don't have the right arms to go sleeveless.
Serious case of bingo wings and general flabbiness if you know what I mean.
So glad I decided to wear this again!

You know what else I'm glad about?
It's Friday....weekend...yay!

We haven't really made plans yet but if the weather stays nice
there will be some walking along the beach, maybe some fossil hunting and perhaps
even a BBQ.
Oh, and cake...there has to be cake.

Have a great weekend my friends!




Amy said...

I totally know what you mean about feeling self conscious with arms, but I definitely feel like we are our own biggest critic. You look lovely! :) Happy Friday!!

Claire Justine said...

Thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend hop,love your blue top.Would be great if you linked up your outfit post to our Creative Mondays hop to :)

jessica dukes said...

i love that shirt, its really cute! i would wear that every day. i get stuck on something and wear it out! :-)

faith ann raider said...

What a cute shirt! I love finding thins that I'd forgotten I'd had but just put away... and I hear you on the sleeveless thing. I am not a huge fan of showing my arms - I'm not 19 any more! My kids watch High School Musical and are like "oh, Troy is so cut" and I'm like "oh look at her arms! they're so toned and thin and pretty. I miss my 17 year old me arms. ;)