Pancakes anyone?!

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. Better know here in England
as pancake day.

So when the kiddies asked if we could have pancakes
for dinner I naturally obliged.
Who doesn't like a good pancake right.

I thought I would teach them how to
make pancakes and they were all up for that!
They did really well and they didn't spill nearly as
much flour on the floor as I thought they would which is
a good thing!

They had so much fun and were the cutest and best helpers
I ever had!
I did the baking part, but Emily kept a watchful eye...and made
sure she had the first pancake....and about 3 more after that, as did
Dylan leaving me with only ONE!!

They were, as my kids will tell you "Super delicious!"

We'll definitely be doing this again soon!

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Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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Unknown said...

mmm! pancakes sound delicious! they make an excellent dinner, too :)