25 random facts about me

posing...not my strongest point.
1. When I was a child I wanted to be a farmer when I grew up. I remember drawing a picture of myself in school (we had to draw our future self), I was on a farm surrounded by cows, horses, ducks and I was feeding the chickens. My teacher made a comment saying "good luck!". All my friends had drawn pictures of them being teachers, singers, actresses, policemen, spacemen and firemen and then there was me, the farmer!

2. I can't decide what I like better, the ocean or the mountains. Deciding where to go on holiday is never an easy choice for me.

3. When I was 17 did a summer job in a nappy/sanitary towels factory. This was in the days before sanitary towels came individually wrapped and my task was to put the disposal bags in each pack. VERY interesting and important job! hahaha!

4. I met Simon in France, he stole my jacket (that's a whole other story I will one day tell you all)

5. I wish my boobies were a bit smaller, or should I say A LOT smaller.

6. I've got a cat called Eva and a hamster called Biscuit. When the kiddies are bigger we are planning on getting a doggie, not a big one though...I'm not looking forward to poopie scooping and I've seen what big dogs can do. That's all I'm saying on that!

7. I HAVE a mobile phone, but NEVER use it. To tell you the truth I don't even know where it is right now.

8. I REALLY  want to go to New York.
9. I LOVE decorating the house. I get really excited whenever we go into a shop with lots of decorational items. Always on the lookout for pretties. Wish the husband could get as excited as me over them.

10. I wish I was good a gardening but I hate bugs and I'm not too keen on digging in dirt. I still want a lovely garden though!

11. I took driving lessons when I was 18 and drove into a house....still haven't got my license now, shocking I know.
12. I was in the Belgian navy for 4 years. I was a radar and sonar operator and really enjoyed my job.

13. I have travelled to Norway, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Gibraltar, Lithuania, Holland, Belgium, UK, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

14. I was born and raised in Belgium, but am currently living in England.

15. I've lived in Gibraltar for 2,5 years and Emily was born there. Lovely place to live, I still miss the warm climate.
On the top of the Gibraltar rock...with a monkey...and 6 months pregnant
16. My one grandfather was British and my other one French. Both grandmothers are Belgian, so really I am a mixture of 3 nationalities.

17. Chocolate keeps calling me, especially when I decide to try and lose some weight!

18. I love horse riding. I took lessons when I was younger and want to take it up again. I know the kids would love it as well.

19. I can play the saxophone, haven't played it in years though so actually I might not be able to play it anymore!!!

20. I'm terrified of spiders. I used to phone my best friend whenever I had one in the house and she then came over to remove the horrible creature! My dad told me to hoover them up but then they still go past my hand when they go up the tube so NO WAY I'm doing that!!!
Luckily I have a good husband on hand, he's my spider catcher now.

21. I LOVE baking. Cakes cookies, cupcakes, muffins, you name it. My neighbours love it as we always invite them round. I should have my own bakery shop! I also love making  birthday cakes, It's always a challenge but so worth it.
Cake I made for Mr's birthday.

22. I would love to have a job on the West End or Broadway and sing in Cats, Les Miserables, Hairspray,.... Sadly I can't sing, have two left feet and NO rhythm.

23. I recently took up Zumba. Absolutely loving it, but again two left feet and no rhythm.
24. I always remember my dreams. Sometimes even two or three different ones. I can vividly recall them in the morning.

25. I felt really awkward when this photo was taken. I need lessons in posing. Please lovely ladies, tell me your posing secrets!
So there you go.
That's me.
I hope you managed to stay with me throughout the whole thing and know me a bit better now.

Lot's of cuddles

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Unknown said...

Hi Daisy! Thank you so much for joining the blog hop! I'm following you via GFC :) Your Sponge Bob cake is awesome! Good work!

two birds said...

what great facts! i love zumba, too! and that cake is so amazing! also, my daughter's name is eva...great name!

Lindsay said...

Aw, this is so fun to get to know you more! You are absolutely adorable, by the way! Great cake!

Thanks for stopping by today! I am so happy to have you, I can't wait to check out more of your site here!

Unknown said...

Hi Daisy~

It was so nice of you to drop by & link up. I appreciate you being a new follower and I am also I new follower of your blog. Enjoyed reading the random facts of your life, I too love Zumba!! I look forward to sharing lots of great ideas with each other. :)


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