My weekly running plan: week 3

This week I only ran once!
very disappointing, I know.
I had a good reason (excuse) though, my husband
had surgery and was in hospital all week, so after
running back and forth between the hospital, picking kids up
from school, cooking dinner, helping with homework,
bathing kids, bedtime stories and housework I was pretty

I know I could have probably squeezed in  half an hour
in the mornings...
I just felt I didn't have the time.
Excuses right!

Maybe I should have titled this post
excuses, excuses
as this is exactly what I'm going to talk about this week.

1. I don't have time! (my excuse)
Make little adjustments to your every day tasks, that
way you can "save" some time for exercising.
You could also try to break up your exercising time, for example if you
normally exercise 30 minutes (like I do), do 15 minutes in the
morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Your body still gets the
same benefits.
You could do some of you errands running or run while playing
with the kids.
Turn the TV off and exercise instead or go on the treadmill
while watching your favourite programme.

2. I'm too tired!
When you are tired it's hard to get motivated, but going
for a run will energise you. You will feel less
tired the more you exercise and feel a lot fitter.
If you feel tired at the start of a run just start slowly and
build it up.

3. The weather isn't on my side!
Dress appropriate. Lot's of layers when it's cold,
a wind and waterproof jacket when it rains and remember to take a
water bottle when it's hot.

4. I don't like running in public!
Don't worry about what others think and be proud of
yourself for exercising and doing something healthy.
If you don't like running by yourself you could find a running partner.
If you don't like running outside use a treadmill and run in
the comfort of your home.

5. Running gets boring!
Listen to your favourite music while running and
if you run outside look around and enjoy the scenery.
Try and shake up your run by taking new routes.
You could join a running group or go running
with a friend.

Just remember

I'm ready to start a new week and am ready to
tackle those 4 minutes I was talking about last week.
No more excuses for me!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!

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SkinnyMeg said...

All great points!! I always lay out my running gear the night before and even in the morning when I REALLY don't feel like going out in the cold I'll get dressed and tell myself, at least 20 minutes and I'll quit. Once I get going I feel better and I run for at least an hour, getting going is the hardest part!

MJ said...

I have really been thinking about starting to run. These are great ways to keep motivated for when I start.

Amy said...

I really like this post! It's so easy to make excuses, I definitely have let those get to me plenty of times in the past. Learning to tune out the exuses was the first step to me developing a consistent work out routine, so I love that you blogged about it! Happy Monday :)

Vanessa said...

I have recently had a family member in hosp..and it is exhausting & time consuming..and I felt I had no time for exercise either..I just couldn't. So I gave myself a break, accepted it and got back to it as soon as I was able to!! It sure is tough juggling many responsibilities like that!

Jenny said...

LOVE this post. I have been coming up with excuses to not start running again, instead staying inside doing JIllian Michael's shred it. I think it would be better for me to get outside and run! Found you through the Fit Club!

Anonymous said...

I am so guilty of excuse #1 & 2!!! I really need to stop using them. I can't really exercise throughout the day, but at least I am always climbing up three flights of stairs and on my feet all the time. I'm not into running, but I do need to get a no excuse zone going on! :-)