Perfect day

Today was blah.
Headache, grumpy kids, busy husband.
Laundry, bathroom cleaning, hoovering,
breaking up the kids arguing,
making beds, dishes, folding laundry,
breaking up the kids arguing again,
supermarket trip from hell,
more kids arguing.
You get the idea

If I could start over my day would have gone like this

After a nice sleep in I would have woken up for breakfast,
 preferably with a view like this.
I would have had fresh croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast.
The husband wouldn't have been busy
and the kids would have been happy and cheerful.

After breakfast we would have gone for a long walk on the beach.
Hmm, this beach would be PERFECT!!
Tired from our walk me and Mr would read a book
in the hammock while the kids build sandcastles and looked for seashells
Then we'd all go for a swim in the sea.

After all that splashing around we'd be hungry
so a picnic on the beach would be ideal!

The afternoon would be spent shopping, without the kids!
I would go to all my favourite shops and buy everything my little
heart desires, my bank account wouldn't mind at all.

After my happy shopping trip I'd come home and
the kids would be in the garden playing on this.
No arguing whatsoever! Oh, and Mr
would have cleaned the WHOLE house.

 I would have a bit of relax time in the pool, maybe
have a massage....and a cocktail.

We then would have some friend around for a delicious
BBQ and some good times.

The rest of the evening would be spend
right there, talking, laughing, having
a few drinks and watching the sunset.

And you know what...
the next day I'd do it all over again!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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