shake your coconuts

Hey my lovelies, it's Thursday again which means I am
linking up my current crush.
Why don't you join me?
Well I am guessing you already know what I'm crushing on this week.
That's right,
What brought this crush on you might ask me.
Well let me tell you.
Earlier this week I treated myself to the most fabulous
body butter EVER, I'm talking pure bliss in a little
tub here.
Not only does it make my skin super soft and shimmer (shimmers, whooooo), it also smells divine!
As soon as I rub this into my skin I am transformed to some exotic
coconut island.
Yep, exactly like that.
Seriously, go and buy it, I'm sure you'll love it.
Of course this little tub of body butter has made me crave even
more coconut goodies.
First of all a coconut scented candle so I can close my eyes
 and pretend I'm in paradise.
I particularly like this one
Nice no, and what good use of a coconut shell!
Next up...
Coconut drinks, yummy.
Alcoholic, non alcoholic...I'll have them both oh yes I will.
And while I'm having my refreshing drink I'll take
one of these too. (who am I kidding, I'll have more than one).
Probably followed my some of these.
Yep, you could say I'm going coconutty!


LAEP 4100 said...

Mmmmm! I must admit I don't like to eat coconut because of the texture, but I swear I could practically smell the wonderful coconut aroma while browsing your photos!

Amy said...

I LOVE coconut drinks! Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic for me too, please! :)

Becky said...

I love the smell of coconuts! Which is weird, since I hate the taste of it. I'm craving some of that body butter that you posted!


Jessie said...

Those coconut desserts look yummy!! Thanks for linking up

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

Oh my gosh...I can actually taste coconuts right now...mmm...if you get a chance come link up at Loves on a Thursday!!! New follower too btw :D