What summer does to me

I've been eating way too much of you this week!
Why oh why do you have to be so good?
Honestly peeps, you should have seen the plate (yes plate not bowl, it's bigger!)
of ice cream I had earlier this week.
Two giant scoops of vanilla and two giant scoops of chocolate
topped with a flake
and a slice of cake.
Nothing for the faint hearted here!
If I keep going like this I will burst out of my pants any day.
I know I know you are jealous right!
Why wouldn't you be of my wicked sunburn / tan line.
I love how it looks when I wear sleeveless tops. It just finishes
off my outfit don't you think.
All I need now are sock tan lines.
Playing tennis with the kiddies, barefoot while
wearing Emily's sunhat.
Who cares if it is way too small for me,
it's the cutest little sunhat ever and
we had fun
Summer also makes me do creepy poses over little people.
Not sure what I am on about?
Have a look at this next photo.
She was actually taking pictures of our shadows...
that was until she got distracted by cow poop and decided to start taking pictures of that
instead. Don't believe me.
cow poop on my blog...proud moment here people!
Proud moment.
moving on.

Summer also makes me wrap parcels in the park.
This particular "parcel" requested to be wrapped up even more.
I wasn't too bothered about my parcel wrapping skills here
but someone who will be able to tell you all about them is
She was the winner of my giveaway a few weeks back and  has written the
most adorable post about receiving her "Royal Mail".
Go and read it here and say hi to her while you are there will you.
Doesn't she rock those earrings!

OK and with that this icecream eating, tanlined, tiny sunhat wearing, creepy posing,
poop posting, parcel wrapping
is saying
Have a good weekend!!

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Claire Justine said...

Arr looks like your having a great summer apart for the cow poo and sunburn,great pictures...thanks for linking up to welcome to the weekend hop :)

Angela said...

Oooo girl you eat ice cream like me!!!! Mmmm! And sexy tan line, hehee :) Okay, I think my fav pics are the "creepy pose over kid" and
cow poop". You seriously crack me up! Great summer memories :) have a good weekend daisy! thanks for the link love :)

Amy Powell said...

summer in your life looks really fun!! (minus the sunburn ;) love all the pictures!!

<3 Amy @ Interpret As You May

{giveaway going on now, would love to see you!!}

jes @ twosmuppies said...

following from the gfc blog hop!
i think summer makes it mandatory that ice cream be eaten three meals a day. so EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM is what i have to say!

Julie Marie said...

awww so super cute. you seem like a fun mom!! i love your tan line, you should do a fashion post ;)