Dylan and Emily's favourite books

Ever since the kids were little I've been reading to them and over the years we've accumulated quite a kids library.  Books have come and gone of course.
Some were passed on to younger cousins, some got so tatty from reading over and over again we just had to get rid of them. Some of them we still have.
Emily still has numerous "baby" books on her bookshelf and even though she's too grown up for them she still enjoys flicking through them to look at the pretty pictures.
She's a real bookworm and loves getting lost in a story world.
Dylan on the other hand is not as passionate about books, but find a book he loves and he too will finish it in no time.
Both of them read on a daily basis as they come home with schoolbooks that need to be read, they don't always necessarily like these stories but read them anyway. 
If it was up to them though they would read these books over and over again.

Dylan's faves

Diary of a wimpy kid. Ever since watching the first movie a couple of years ago Dylan has been hooked.
He's read all the books so far and absolutely loves them. These are usually read within days. I love hearing him read them out loud as they are quite funny.

Horrid Henry. A couple of Christmases ago he was given the Horrid Henry box set and slowly he's been getting through them. 

See inside planet Earth and Your amazing body. Dylan has always enjoyed informative books and even though we've had both of these for years he's only just started to really appreciated them. I think it's because he's older now and really understands all the information given. Both are great books with lift the flap bits, which is why he enjoyed looking through them so much when he was little. What child doesn't like lift the flap books right!

Emily's faves

Stories of ponies and stories of magic ponies. Anything with horses or unicorns is always a hit with Emily! She really loves these books and has read them over and over again.

Snow bears. She acquired this book about a year ago when her Rainbows group was doing a book swap. It's such an adorable story and I was so happy with her for choosing such a great book. Since she's had it she's taken it on sleepovers, to school to read to her classroom and on holiday to Belgium. Definitely a favourite.

Pippi Longstocking. My friend bought her this one for Christmas and I was so excited about this! I remember watching the television series when I was little so it brought back great memories. I have started reading it to her at bedtime and Emily is really enjoying Pippi's adventures. 

Peter Rabbit. Emily has been a Peter Rabbit fan since she was about two. We went to a Peter Rabbit play and for a while after that she was Peter Rabbit obsessed! I found this book at a boot fair and she loved it then and still does now! 

Charlie and Lola. We have so many Charlie and Lola books, they are such sweet stories and Emily and me love the illustrations as well.  



My said...

Ooh Peter Rabbit, I should get that one for my girl.

Great post!

April said...

lilly loves the snow bears book, i really want to get some peter rabbit books too x

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Thanks for linking up at share it sundays :) I really want to get some peter rabbit books for Amelia :) x