Love the little things

Today I'm joining in with But Why Mummy Why's link up.

*Love the little things*

The idea behind the posts is that they are a weekly chance to remember the little things you’ve loved that join up to make your week.


Emily has been ill all week so I've been a giving her lots of cuddles while fluffing up her pillow, rearranging her blanket, reading her temperature and reading her some stories.
One of her favourite books at the moment is called Stories for girls so we got it out, cuddled under a blanket and read it together. She really enjoyed this and so did I!

I've also read my kids end of term school reports and oh boy am I a proud mummy!!!


This week I really started enjoying Modern Family. It's always been one of these series we never really watched and we always flicked to something else when it came on.....until now. I can't believe how much I'm actually enjoying this. Gloria is just hilarious, hahaha! I saw a preview of a newer series where she's pregnant, can't wait to see what she's like with raging hormones!


My kids have discovered Frozen.
This song has been played a lot in our house this week.
Can't wait for when this movie is out on DVD.


This morning the kids and I made some valentines cookies. They turned out pretty great I think!



I've been wearing quite a few scarves this week! They are just so easy and versatile to wear, especially when I don't have to work.
One of my faves is this infinity scarf. This photo was taken ages ago but I just thought I'd put it up anyway.

 I've also broken my own rule.
Leggings and a jumper.
Now I love a good pair of leggings just as much as the next girl...but please please consider them as tights and not as trousers!!!! If you are going to wear them, wear them with a longer shirt or tunic. No one wants to see wobbly butt cheeks and most people will be able to tell you are a girl without you having to proof it to them!
as I am typing this I am actually wearing leggings and a fleecy gap jumper. Hmmm.
Am I comfy? Yes.
Am I wearing this out later? No way!!!

And lastly..

Yesterday afternoon Emily snuck into her room and told me not to come in. 
When she came back out she was holding something behind her back.
With the proudest smile she handed me this homemade card.
Isn't it adorable! I especially love the "beloved" part.
Hahaha, where does she come up with these things.

Dylan went to the valentines disco at school last night and I think he looked very handsome!



Unknown said...

We are Frozen obsessed in this house (much to daddy's despair!), the girls are constantly singing the songs and acting as Anna and Elsa. I've even pre-ordered the DVD!

That Valentines card from your daughter is just adorable. I love it when kids do things unprompted like that.

bluebirdsunshine said...

That is the sweetest Valentine's card to receive ever. Can't wait for my children to be able to write me notes. Leggings and jumper rule can be broken at home, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the scarf! The valentine cookies look yummy!

Luci - Mother.Wife.Me said...

Ha yes, totes with you on the leggings jumper combo - it's for around the house only, even if you have the butt of an olympic athlete.

Frozen soundtrack, I have a four year old daughter, therefore I know the Frozen soundtrack. Fabulous!! ;)

Anonymous said...

We love frozen! I heard on the radio that some cinemas are doing a showing of a frozen sing along!
I wear my leggings as tights, I need something to cover my bum :-)