Zoo days

These past few weeks we've visited our local zoo a number of times, Simon works there as
a safari truck driver and the kids (and me) absolutely love going in with him.
Usually we go on the safari ride, the kids have been lucky enough to be able to sit in the front
with their dad, it makes them feel very special!
 Afterwards the kids take me to their favourite playground where they play all afternoon long while I sit on a picnic bench under a tree with a book.
Of course we do make sure we see our favourite animals each time. Dylan and Emily love the cats, big ones and small ones and I adore the giraffes.
Simon has made a very special new friend at the zoo...her name is Rutie and she's a lioness.
Every time she sees him she gets up and stalks him...
Very funny to watch but I'm sure that if she ever escapes Simon's had it!


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Joyful said...

Great pics. It's so much fun on safari.