Far away pen pal

 When I picked Dylan up from school yesterday he was all excited. He had
gotten a letter from a girl who lived ALL the way in Australia.
Last year his class started sending letters to kids in a school over there and
after a long wait they finally got a reply.
I cannot tell you how happy he is with having a far away pen pal.
I told him how when I was in year 4 I had a pen pal who lived all the way in
Australia too, my cousin Sam, and how we used to write letters to each other
all the time.
At that point Dylan's smile got even bigger and he hugged me and said
 "oh mummy, we are alike in so many ways".
My heart just melted .
He's such a sweet boy and he is right you know, we are very alike.


Niken said...

oh...that's so cute.
a hand-written letter really can put a smile on your face

Amy said...

That is so sweet!! Pen pals are so much fun, especially ones that live so far away in a completely different area of life.