Look who's nine

 Last month Dylan turned nine (nine!!!!).
I still can't believe how fast he's growing up, I'm sure he was just a baby, then I blinked
and now he's a handsome nine year old.
Wish I could somehow slow down time a bit...
His birthday was on a Monday so we decided to have his party over the weekend.
He loved the idea because that meant he was able to celebrate for two full days.
Saturday we all went up to Winter Wonderland in London.
We visited the circus which both kids loved, took them on some
of the rides and visited the ice sculptures.
It was a magical day.
Sunday we had some of his best friends around for a pizza and Wii party,
followed by a visit from his grandad, uncles, aunts and cousins.
He had an amazing birthday weekend, he sure is one lucky nine year old
and we all love him very very much.

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