80's baby!!

How much fun are 80's parties!!!
One of my friends turned 30 and after much deliberating about what to do, where to go and what theme she decided to go with the 80's, being an 80's baby and all that.
Best decision ever!

My friend (not the birthday girl) decided to dress up as Cyndi Lauper,
don't you just love that wig, hahaha.
I went for a very colourful 80's ensemble,
can't do 80's without a bit of neon pink!

Speaking of neon pink,I even found a lipstick in that shade.
and the eyeshadow.... 
Omg did I have some colours.
A rainbow would have been jealous!
Now, mind the close up photo...

 I warned you!

colourful, no.

The party itself was a hoot!
80's music
crazy dancing
people dressed  up as 80's icons

hahaha, karaoke

I was up on the stage quite a few times

YMCA by the looks of it

either: girls, just wanna have fun, I think we're alone now, don't stop believing
karma chameleon, don't you want me baby,......

you get the idea, I was up there loads
I do not have a great voice
sorry all, but hey, I had fun!

Now for the most random photo of the night...
here we go

Is there even anything normal going on.
Also, you can see my "I love this song so much I could burst" face! Hahaha.

So there you go.
We all had a FANTASTIC time

Now when is the next 80's party!!

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Amy said...

Your make up looks AWESOME! It looks like a blast!