What I wear to work

I have just come back from work, want to see my "uniform"?
First I should say that I work in a school. I'm a lunch time supervisor so I have to make sure all the little munchkins eat their lunch, get their correct lunch (sandwiches or hot meal/vegetarian meal), have good table manners and when finished quietly leave the table and go play outside.
I have to wear an apron, a very cute one indeed!
The kiddies in school are aged 4-7 and they LOVE these aprons. Why wouldn't they, it has fairies, butterflies, caterpillars, mushrooms and flowers on it.
Emily absolutely loves it when I bring my apron home, this means she can dress up in it....and go through the front pocket where I keep stickers.
Kids love stickers, did you know that?
I give them out the the ones who've eaten all their lunch or have behaved really well.
It also motivates them to finish their lunch instead of rushing off to go and play outside.
Emily always makes sure she gets one.
I'm very lucky to work in her school and see what's she's like away from home. She behaves so well and I'm very proud her.

When I get back home I'm always VERY hungry.
Today I made myself this for lunch (and then forgot about it when it was in the oven)

                          It was still very yummy even it was a bit crisp at the top.

I finished it all....can I have a sticker now?

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