Fit club: getting motivated

This week I've been looking for some good motivation.
We all need this sometimes don't we.

To tell you the truth I've been finding this first week
of getting back into a healthy lifestyle quite hard.
I think it's because my body got so used to having all the sugary
food over the Christmas holidays.
I'm constantly craving biscuits, chocolate or crisps.
Not good :(

So this morning I had a look for some inspiring
quotes and pictures and you know what...
I think it's working!

Earlier my mind was wondering....the cookie way.
So I thought of this

It did the trick for me and I had some grapes instead!

Sometimes you just need to visualise where you are heading to.

 Exercise is also VERY important.
Wednesday I am going to Zumba classes.
I LOVE zumba
I just need to start walking a bit more....maybe I can
talk one of my friends into going
for a walk with me a couple of times a week.
I seem to enjoy exercise a lot more
when there's someone else with me.
Call me social, hahaha!

Might have to memorise these...and keep repeating them to myself!

You feeling motivated yet? I know I am.

If not

I'm sure that did the trick, no?!

Lastly just remember this

Have fun and stay motivated my Fit club friends!


Ashley said...

the first little while is hard, but it will become routine soon:) i love the fat picture at the end...great motivation:)

MJ said...

I love the pic of the healthy food chick and the unhealthy food chick. That is so true! Feeling motivated now!

Ly said...

I need the motivation too! I've been trying to get back in to shape and it's seriously the hardest thing ever. Wish you the best of luck :)

Amy said...

I totally agree, it's hard to cut out the yummy food after the holidays. But we can do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That picture of the fat is unbelievable! I was doing ok with the diet this week, until the weekend hit. Both being out of routine and a football party threw me for a loop, so I'll have to try harder to stick with it on the weekends. But these were all good motivators! Thanks for linking up!

Erin said...

Just searching for all those pics shows how serious you are about getting motivated! And great job starting P90x-it's a toughie! Plus it's a great complementary program when you don't have time to do the full hour every day! Keep it up :)

Nicole said...

I just love all of the inspirational pics. I saves three of them to my computer. I need to print some and tape them around the house...

jessica said...

You can never have too much motivation! And I think it is true- it's so hard to get started again after the holidays! That fat picture- seriously scary!!! I've never tried Zumba, but i'm going to try to make a class later this week! I've heard such great things!


Vanessa said...

so much motivation here..I love all the posters & facts..especially the pictures of fat-now that is a reality check!!!

Hanna said...

Awesome Daisy!!! Keep it ip girl! I promise it only gets better and feels sooooo good:)